Quantitative Skills Workbook for AS and A Level AQA Business

Like real entrepreneurs, many students find the numerical aspects of business difficult. Build confidence, understanding and analytical skills with this comprehensive pack of theoretical notes, examples and practice questions to use in class or as homework. Perfectly matched to the specification – provides all the tools required to tackle any calculation!

Engaging, relevant, challenging and informative... clearly explains how students should perform the necessary calculations

J Conway, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
Covers all Quantitative Skills & numeric topics: Profit, Decision Trees, Market Research, Marketing Data, Elasticities, Operations Data, Inventory Control Charts, Budgets, Cash Flow Forecasts, Break-Even Analysis, Profitability Analysis, HR Data, Financial Performance, Economic Factors, Investment Appraisal, Network Analysis

Each section:

  1. Summarises all the key business concepts and calculations in student-friendly language
  2. Provides worked examples of the theory using relevant, real-world data from sandwich shops to driving schools
  3. Two practice exam questions – building in difficulty to develop weaker learners’ confidence and challenge high achievers


  • Full exam-style quantitative skills tests for each paper
  • Includes a variety of question types from multiple choice to data response
  • Answers to all activities and tests!

What do teachers say about this resource? (7274, 7275)

A great resource for students of all abilities. Maths to some students is a scary word, and the more students are able to practice questions such as the ones provided within the resource the more confident they will be when answering them in the exam... I liked that this resource covered all areas of both year one and year two's calculation questions, whilst providing answers for all. additionally I liked the fact it had sample assessment activities for year one and year two based around the calculations... This resources matches all areas of calculations/formulas throughout the entire two-year period, plus the added benefit of practice assessments for all papers in year one and two.

J Harrison, Head of Business & Peer Reviewer

Very helpful... emphasis on the numerical aspects of the subject where students have more problems... I liked the variety of the questions... Very good value and it certainly enhances learning as the teacher has an extra weapon to deal with the subject and the student has a variety of exercises and applications to deal with.

J Landrakis, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

Very good - I like the flow between topics and the micro lessons to give the learners an idea of what the functionality and workings are before leading into the questions... Layout is good and the sections are clear with appropriate examples that make sense. Overall very impressive to complete this in the time frames of changes that have happened on the 7131 AQA specification... The exam style questions at the back are very good - a lot of time and effort has gone into this... Relating to the exam questions, it is nice to see a mark scheme break down that the students can access (sometimes AQA mark schemes need to be dicussed with the lower level students) - but this very transparent and clear... [Enhances learning by] supporting the mathematical content and delivery. Very easy to issue as a booklet and then students can prepare responses. I like the fact the mark sheme could be used for peer assessment - so students can discuss answers clearly... some lovely homework exercises that could support our existing booklets... The content is laid out in a systemical manner... the examples are there and case studies can be customised to embed similar style questions and students can tackle this as a workbooklet at home.

L Price, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Excellent. Engaging, relevant, challenging and informative. Huge amount of detail along with good questions and straightforward mark schemes... A huge amount of resources and questions. Useful topic summaries and helpful example answers to practise questions. There are a variety of different questions. In many areas the information and data is up to date which will motivate students. Decision trees are an area likely to catch some students out, but this was explained and demonstrated well. In particular, the questions on China in Section 14 looked interesting and challenging... Students often struggle with calculations and this resource clearly explains how students should perform the necessary calculations. It covers all numerical data students will need and provides opportunities to analyse and evaluate their calculations. The mark schemes provide a quick answer to numerical questions, while also providing comment and suggestions to aid analysis and evaluation... I liked the use of diagrams and charts. Resource followed a structure so that students and teachers can clearly follow... it covers all numerical topics in the specification.

J Conway, Teacher & Peer Reviewer