Practice Exams for AS and A Level OCR Physics A

Photocopiable write-on exam-style papers for realistic exam practice: four for each paper.

Take a look at the papers, the questions speak for themselves

S Authur, Head of Physics & Customer

Practice makes perfect!

  • Specifically written for the 2015 OCR A specification.
  • Cross-referenced to specification – easily see what each paper covers and how marks are distributed.
  • Full content coverage
  • Full range of question types to perfect exam technique: multiple-choice, short- and long-answer, data analysis, practical skills
  • Full, detailed mark scheme in exam-board style

What do teachers say about this resource? (7250)

A well-structured set of papers, clearly set out and carefully linked to the specification. Practice for the students, less prep time for me. Take a look at the papers, the questions speak for themselves.

S Authur, Head of Physics & Customer

They are set out as the actual exam, in terms of the marks, content and structure of the paper... It gives excellent exam practice towards the end of the year

S Dhaliwal, Science Teacher & Customer

The resource has many strong points..This resource would help students gain confidence.

T.Brown, College Lecturer & Peer Reviewer