Topic on a Page for AS and A Level AQA Physics

Visually attractive A3 resource with concise, easy-to-learn summaries of every specification topic. Diagrams and charts illuminate key concepts: ideal for visual learners.

Included for each topic:
  • Summary poster giving at-a-glance overview
  • Activity worksheet with focused and varied tasks
  • Outline sheet for the student to complete

Perfect for revision!
  • Key equations highlighted throughout
  • Exam tips providing guidance in tricky areas
  • Definition boxes – embed key terminology
  • Detailed answers with mark schemes for easy assessment or self-marking

Outlines the core requirements of the course in an easily digestible format

M Smith, Science Technician & ZigZag Customer

Plus extra flexibility:
  • Write-on worksheets give lots of options for completion of activity poster tasks.
  • Display in classroom or at home, or use as place mats
  • Activity pages make excellent homework

What do teachers say about this resource? (7227)

An excellent resource for the specification for the AS level AQA Physics. Good and comprehensive.
Very much like the approach which challenges students from a basic level to a high level. Students have the opportunity to progress in each of the topic areas. The detailed answers are very useful for questions which is separate. Good detailed definitions have been included. Very useful for revision.
Can be also used with online teaching or in the classroom. Good concise presentations shown which make it easy to produce topic notes for students.
I would gladly purchase this resource.

K Lewis, Lecturer & Peer Reviewer

This is a fantastic resource. My students enjoy using these A3 pages and being able to see an overview of each topic on just one page, and then following up by completing the activities for revision.
I like how the information has been broken down into bullet points as much as possible as this resonates with how I encourage my students to produce their own revision material.
I have found this resource useful for handing out as an consolidation activity at the end of a mini-topic. My students enjoy these kinds of activities were they are working on an activity they can use for revision later on.The answers are useful as students can peer/self mark their work independently.

L Jordison, Physics Lecturer & Peer Reviewer

The resource is well written and contains all the major points needed to cover the specification. I think that the questions are well thought out to cover the important points that the students need to remember. Very good for revision at the end of the course or before exam.

B Simmons, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It is differentiated, 3 stages for learners, completed or with levels of scaffold.

Well matched to spec and will save lots of time preparing homework/revision.

D Burton, HoD and ZigZag Customer

I thought it was really helpful and well done. It could be used as a revision resource, and is very specific to the syllabus. It has everything [students] need for both 1 and 2 assessment objectives. It has notes, a blank version of the notes and specific questions that match those notes, making it ideal for a comprehension type exercise.

M Hyde, Science Technician & ZigZag Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7427)

Excellent revision and reinforcement resource. Each sheet outlines the core requirements of the course in an easily digestible format.

M Smith, Science Technician & ZigZag Customer