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Chaucer - The Miller's Tale

A SOW to support study of the text which will be introduced as the new poetry text for AS level, starting September 2003.

As this is a new text, it will prove a valuable resource to teachers who have not taught "The Miller's Tale" before. It will also be linked directly to the Attainment Targets of the examination.

This Scheme of work covers all aspects of the text, linked directly to the Attainment Targets for the AS level "texts in context" paper. The scheme of work comprises 10 worksheets, each with an assignment. Each worksheet contains a section of the text (original and modern English) with an activity, which could form the basis of either a written or an oral response. Each worksheet is accompanied by a separate set of detailed notes, which can either be given to the students or withheld to form the basis of personal teaching. There are also sections covering the Medieval setting and direct links as to how "The Miller's Tale" reflects Chaucer's opinions on Medieval attitudes, as required by the examination board's Attainment Targets. The major themes are explored, with supportive notes.

Although this resource can form the basis of any study of "The Miller's Tale", it is specifically geared to the AQA AS course starting September 03.

This is an excellent study guide that would be essential reading for the students of the AQA English Literature Specification A syllabus. The way in which Chaucer's original text is presented with an easily accessible modern English 'translation' brings the text alive. There is a wealth of background information and the commentary and advice is written in an easy approachable style which makes good reading. The enthusiasm of the writer of the guide makes the material inspiring. R J Westwell