Disaster Survival Project

A project for Writing in Different Styles and making use of ICT in English.

Disaster can strike at any time - and can affect any of us. How would you cope? What would you do? How would you wish you'd been better prepared?

Whether the disaster is floods, drought, war, invasion, plague or pestilence the interconnected activities within this project give your students the opportunity to look at their own survival skills, undertake research in how others have survived disasters, think how they could construct a shelter or make their escape, isolate themselves successfully or work alongside others to build a new life. Most importantly they will stretch their imaginations and even their awareness of themselves.

All this takes place within the framework of KS3 English - writing in a variety of styles, combining text and graphics, writing reflectively as well as with a purpose and cooperating and negotiating with others. All these activities are part of the English programmes of study and can be used to assess your students' skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing.