Themed Starters and Plenaries for GCSE Drama

Suitable for all boards!

Not just Drama games!   Switch students into learning mode and prevent early winding down with these short, specific and stimulating starters and plenaries.

Fully matched to the requirements of the 2016 GCSE specifications, these original activities will develop key skills and reinforce essential knowledge.

Six themed chapters:

  1. Creating and developing ideas
  2. Communicating meaning
  3. Theatrical skills and terminology
  4. Theatre in performance
  5. Analysis and evaluation
  6. Working with scripts

40 ready-to-go starters and plenaries:

  • Clear, detailed activity instructions – pick up and teach!
  • Lesson objectives, timings and assessment objectives cross-referencing for easy and effective planning
  • Ready-made, attractive worksheets – minimal preparation, maximum engagement
  • Fully differentiated – higher- and lower-ability worksheets and practical suggestions for adapting activities to the needs of your class
  • Handy overview grid summarises each activity – quick and easy to select tasks to fit your teaching
  • Accompanying PowerPoints provide visual focus and added flexibility – perfect for whole-class activities

What do teachers say about this resource? (7167)

A comprehensive set of starters and plenaries appropriate to the level of study.

Each activity is well presented and comes with clear ideas for its use in the classroom environment.

The very clear set of instructions for each of the 40 activities is much appreciated; clear, concise and allows for expansion and differentiation for those pupils that require it. I also particularly like the broad range of activities that have been put into the resource (for example; the fortune teller activity and the theatrical dice).

There are lots of brilliant ideas in this pack that students and teachers alike can utilize in their wider teaching and learning of the subject. I particularly like the links to the syllabus (AOs are clearly labelled for each activity) and the variety of activities in the pack means that there is something for every ability.

Resources and activities allow for independent thinking from pupils which in turns allows for the pupils to create more robust pieces of theatre when devising or working on scripted performance. Other resources allow for the drilling of key theatrical terms and knowledge for the written component of the specifications.

Each activity is mapped to specific AOs from the GCSE Drama specifications very clearly in the contents page which makes it very easy to pick activities that suit the objective being targeted in a specific lesson or series of lessons.

Activities make excellent use of drama language and theory can be easily brought in to support the pupils throughout the use of these.

B Stott, Head of Drama & Peer Reviewer