Unseen Fiction Preparation Packs for GCSE Edexcel

Boost students’ confidence in analysing unseen fiction texts with these rich and comprehensive banks of ❶ extracts with ❷ student activities and ❸ exam-style questions.

An excellent resource which has been very well geared towards Edexcel

S Sweeney, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Full preparation for the reading sections of the Edexcel GCSE English Language specification:

❶  Carefully considered extracts
  • Includes 8 debate-provoking extracts – or pairs of extracts for comparative packs
  • Wide range of intriguing themes – mirrors the unpredictability of the Reading exams and prepares students for tricky texts
❷  Accompanying introductory and differentiated worksheets

Matches the new spec perfectly

N Boyce, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer
  • Clearly structured pre-reading, comprehension and analysis activities for each extract
  • Develop key analytical skills needed for exam success
  • Answers to all activities – ideal for quick marking!
Worksheets available at two fully differentiated levels:
1. Scaffolded activities allow lower-ability students a straightforward way into the text
2. ‘Taking it Further’ extension sheets challenge high achievers!

❸  Exam-style questions for every question type
  • Apply learning and improve exam technique
  • Plus! Full student-friendly mark schemes – perfect for self-assessment and identifying areas for improvement

Embed in lesson plans or hand out for individual study!

What do teachers say about this resource? (7146)

An excellent resource with interesting and engaging texts... I liked the step-by-step development of skills where students can practise analysing words and literary techniques in order to gain confidence to answer full questions... The extracts with pre-reading hints and tables to link and identify points, will help students to feel more confident... 15-mark questions can be daunting, but giving students clues about what to look for improves answers... All the terminology is included but in a manageable way so that students can pick out grammar in texts and highlight the writer`s intention. Peer assessment will enable students to learn from each other by trial and error and build up to complete papers.

S, Fallon, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A very good resource... Excellent preparation for the exam... Matches the new spec perfectly and provides additional papers which are very useful in these early days of the new syllabus... Good differentiation plus good initial questions including vocab-building and discussion-based activities to engage pupils... Useful for anyone teaching Edexcel English Language GCSE.

N Boyce, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

I particularly like the progression of tasks and how they link closely to the AOs. I also like the detailed answer sheets for students to self- and peer mark, which is particularly useful for developing independent learning skills.

J Mulholland, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Excellent – great extracts and ideas for pupils to break down each question. The extracts were ambitious but not inaccessible... Supports accessing the exam style questions... Contains numerous extracts, relatable tasks, mark schemes... nothing to not like.

C Wheeler, Teacher and Customer