Discussion Podcasts for A Level AQA B

Improve student focus with creative delivery!

Debates with follow-up activities analyse set texts through the lens of Aspects of Tragedy.

All debates are recorded onto CD as podcasts and provided as paper transcripts.

An excellent series of exemplar discussions which will enable students of Literature to open up their own discussions and level of understanding of this literary text

L Loxton, Former Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Build confidence step by step…

  • 10 debates respond to topical questions from multiple viewpoints in an easy-to-use, accessible format. Includes discussion of critics and context.
  • Debate-focused activities prompt further discussion and encourage independent thought and research
  • 1 practice essay and 1 comparison question per debate develop key essay-writing skills and prepare students for the exam
  • Check students are on the right track – full indicative content provided

🎧 Click for a one-minute sample of King Lear: Podcast 4. 🎧

🎧 Click for a one-minute sample of The Great Gatsby: Podcast 7. 🎧

What do teachers say about this resource? (7137)

Overall, I think this is a terrific resource. It’s useful as revision; as a way to develop the skills needed to write essays; it also focuses clearly on the key AOs and addresses the main topics/areas likely to be considered in the teaching of King Lear... The transcripts allow pupils to go back and look at what has been said. Their relative brevity allows them to remain focused on a single idea. The blending of context and critic into the debate is also good – this acts as a model for the way exam essays could be written. The language used is not overly complex, and certain key ideas or terms are explained in detail, making this useful for the full range of possible A level candidates.
Each podcast sets up a clear topic that has more than one view – this is great, as it allows pupils to see that there are often several ways to view a text. I particularly like the discussion of the play not really being violent if compared with modern day horror films – I don’t agree, but it makes for a point that could well be considered by the class.

S Owen, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

A really useful resource for preparing students for the A Level exam in an interesting way... It was good that students had a chance to debate an extract (podcast 4) as this is part of both the AS and A Level exam... I liked the activities at the end suggesting how to use each podcast to maximise learning, and it was a good idea for each podcast to lead to an essay response... The glossary at the end is very useful... I really enjoyed this resource as this is what is exciting about studying a challenging Shakespeare text – the conversations and debate that it sparks should excite students and ... disagreeing (like the teachers did in podcast) is where quality analysis, interpretation and personal response take shape.

N Fry, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I really like the idea of having podcasts to help engage students with their learning. The 10 different podcasts available show students how to look at King Lear and its tragic themes in a number of ways... Students often learn best when their ideas are stimulated by others' views and I think the podcasts help with this... The activities are varied and the 'practice essay questions' are useful... All the focus points are about tragedy, the key theme, and this is great. In addition, the students'/teachers' discussions are always relevant and helpful.

M Tett, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I liked the critical thinking prompts and the notion of really discussing the wider ideas and contexts that are explored in Shakespeare's work... Students could develop their own understanding by listening, and it could offer them an accessible way of building up ideas into a rational discussion/argument... This could be a valuable resource for a busy teacher or one with students who are reluctant independent learners.

J Sallabank, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7384)

An excellent series of exemplar discussions which will enable students of Literature to open up their own discussions and level of understanding of this literary text... I thoroughly enjoyed these podcast discussions and felt I wanted to join in! The arguments were well constructed and engaging... 'Thank you’ to the writer!

L Loxton, Former Teacher & Peer Reviewer