Case Studies with Activities for BTEC Nationals
in Health & Social Care

Case studies cover:

Depression; unemployment; teenage pregnancy; self-esteem; expected and unexpected life events; retirement + changing needs; limited employment opportunities; developmental norms; bonding + attachment; language barriers; depression, genetic disorders, and much more.

Help your students apply their theory to detailed and relevant case studies using these pick-up-and-teach classroom activities.

Students become familiar with the fictional town of Thornton Green, the jobs of health practitioners who work there, and the needs of the town residents. They then apply their knowledge to these engaging case studies through creative and innovative activities. Great for putting theory into practice!

Saves an enormous amount of time... a really useful resource when planning and preparing

H Pringle, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Tailored teacher support for each unit!

A range of useful prompts and scaffolding were evident and guided students expectations of the merit and distinction work

A Barrett, HoD & Peer Reviewer
  • Student-friendly case studies that cover a variety of specification points, matches the new BTEC Nationals Level 3 perfectly!
  • Ready-to-use activities cover each specification point in order – perfect to revise key content in lessons or as homework
  • A wide variety of stimulating activities

    H Pringle, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Clear teacher instructions and guidance including breakdown of how activities can be used as individual, pair or whole-class work
  • Detailed answers provided for every activity, ideal for peer- or self-assessment

Activities include:

Keyword match-up; spider diagrams card games; class discussions leaflet design; class presentations; case study analysis

What do teachers say about this resource? (9415)

An excellent resource, very thorough in its approach to this unit and in its content. It is clearly written by a specialist who uses student-friendly language in the resources and provides first hand, detailed information which is useful. A good range of case studies, presentations and fact sheets with the exact knowledge required. A range of useful prompts and scaffolding were evident and guided students to the expectations of the merit and distinction work.

A Barrett, HoD & Peer Reviewer

The content is of high quality, with plenty of detail. Some of the activities could be good fun, such as role plays and the card resources. With an enthusiastic group, a lot of good discussion and learning could take place in an enjoyable atmosphere.

L Wilshire, H&SC Teacher and Peer Reviewer.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7103)

A good resource for busy teachers preparing to teach a brand new specification. A wide variety of stimulating activities including games, ideas for individual research, presentations, pair and group work to challenge level three students and prepare them for the exam... It is very helpful to have task sheets that can be directly photocopied for students and answers to all tasks are provided so that information delivered is factually correct and does not have to be researched by the teacher. This saves an enormous amount of time... a really useful resource for me to use when planning and preparing the delivery of a new specification. Thanks to the author.

H Pringle, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The resource allows for the teacher to facilitate understanding and application of key concepts taught within face to face sessions. The application of knowledge to contexts was excellent.

E Ansell, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Very good. Case study approach, similar to the exam paper.

C H Martin, Subject Leader & Customer

Helpful if you’re new to BTEC! The card games are good and saves time for the teacher in prep!

C Hampson, H&SC Teacher & Customer

The resource is really well laid out and organised. It makes a good use of case studies that students will need to be able to achieve a strong grade in the exam.

P Robinson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It met all the criteria and I know by using these case studies the learners would be able to complete the exam... Really enjoyed reviewing this.

M Killilea, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10084)

A well planned and good resource... clearly delineated into the various sections of the syllabus... [giving] the students opportunities to gain a greater understanding of knowledge and also practice in the application with a good range of very real scenarios. There is a good variety of tasks for students, all of which are focused on students gaining a greater understanding and ability to apply knowledge of psychological approaches. I feel that the resource is going to enhance learning... the case studies provide sufficient detail that students will be able to source the responses needed but also allows for guided assumptions to be made.

M Aldred, H&SC Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9964)

I really like the resource... I like the case studies as they cover a wide range of additional needs, which gets students thinking. I really like the variation of activities... there is quite a lot of stretch and challenge throughout [and] lots of opportunities for discussion in lessons. This resource is good for enhancing learning as it covers everything in the specification in detail which is great. I also feel that the stretch activities/extensions enable all learners to engage with this resource and push themselves.

N Lowe, Course Leader & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7617)

Overall, this is a good resource that has some nice case studies and resources that could be used to support less experienced teachers. It could save a lot of planning time for many teachers and provide context for learners through the case studies that provide a lot of information without being tedious... I really liked the case studies and the Thornton Town theme that runs through the resource. I think learners would find them stimulating and they would help them to understand the range of services needed within a community.

W Davies, Lecturer & Peer Reviewer

I liked the case studies... these in themselves are useful. I also liked the amount of opportunities for group work throughout the resource.

S Ward, Teacher, Lead IV & Peer Reviewer

Good. Clearly set out; it helps divide up learning aims and helps approach exam.

H Valentine, Head of HCS & Customer

Great case studies created and all activities clearly marked up to grandly outcomes. Student friendly, well written and related to Pearson specs. Promotes students independence when completing activities.

J Andrews, Lead teacher of HSC & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7784)

Good range of activities, explaining professionals roles and lay persons personal circumstances. Incorporated well pieces of legislation and health/social care governing bodies. I particularly liked the range of role plays with scenarios and specifics of each player to include. This resource could be used across inter related units e.g psychology to give a brief overview for intro to some theories.

E Ansell, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Wow! The resource is extremely comprehensive and there has been a huge amount of work gone into it to make it a useful and valid resource. Overall, an extremely useful, time and stress saving resource. Many less experienced teachers in this subject will find this resource a God send in my opinion. I think this resource has done a fantastic job of this whilst also providing structure for discussion and writing. Think this resource is well worth buying. I think it would save teachers a lot of time interpreting the specification and understanding how to get students to independently apply the criteria to different case studies. Particularly for less experienced teachers who may struggle with this.

W Davies, Teacher & Peer Reviewer