Activity Packs for BTEC L3 Sport

The tasks allow for communication, leadership and literacy skills... The demand [for] different skills pose [a] challenge to pupils

N Hannah, Assistant HoD & Peer Reviewer

Energise your students in BTEC Sport with these lively activity packs!

20–28 stimulating ‘pick-up-and-go’ activities – with instructions and worksheets – covering the content of the new BTEC Nationals in Sport.

A great way for students to explore the units, while boosting their understanding of the need-to-know content for the exams and assignments.

Activities to suit all abilities and learning styles!

  1. Innovative practicals - Get students racing around the cardiovascular system or discovering fitness components like their favourite athletes– fantastic for kinaesthetic learners.
  2. Carefully selected vocational activities - Engage students in ‘real-life’ occupational roles in sport – applying knowledge as Sports industry professionals.
  3. Focused classroom-based worksheets - Individual, small group and whole-class activities – designed to embed theory and develop research and communication skills.

A comprehensive resource...

...this will keep learners engaged, scaffold learning and meet different learning preferences

B Chambers, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
Easy to use!
  • Most activities need no preparation – perfect for cover lessons and integrating into your lesson plans
  • Clear and accessible instructions for all activities reduce your planning and marking time
  • Answers included – great for peer and self-assessment

What do teachers say about this resource? (9597)

This resource offers value for money. A comprehensive resource that can be used effectively to meet a wide range of differentiating educational needs... Offers a variety of teaching and learning methods, which keeps interest alive and is a fantastic way for teachers and learners to assess for learning. The wide variety of activity types will keep learners engaged and goes beyond mundane worksheets. I particularly like the way this resource contains activities that have a vocational context... practically based activities allow for role play, which enhances the learner experience of leadership roles in the sports industry, suitable for learning and development in this unit. This resource also facilitates differentiation... as tasks frequently vary by type... this will keep learners engaged, scaffold learning and meet different learning preferences.

B Chambers, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The resource is generally well set out with a range of different activities... simple to understand instructions for each activity. Once completed, the activities would be useful as a prompt for learners to help them transfer their learning into their assignments.

J Gentles, Head of Department for Sport and Public Services & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9058)

The resource is well laid out and in a logical order. There are a number of interesting activities which are all relevant to the unit content... comprehensive and provides full coverage of the Unit. I like the resource as it is quite simple but effective and some of the activities would really capture the imagination of the students... The activities are varied and interesting. The resource enhances learning as it provides a range of varied practical activities to stimulate the students and keep them engaged... would provide a lot of value as it directs students towards completing various practically assessed criteria and it also enables them to collect evidence from these practicals to then put into their assignments to meet the criteria. Overall, I think this is a very good resource that could potentially help students to achieve the higher grades on their assignments for the unit.

J Gentles, Head of Sport and Public Services & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9598)

The resource is well versed and colourful [PDF+Word versions], making good use of relevant images... to support learners in their understanding of what fitness test is most valid for improving the most important fitness component for their sport. ICT was creatively incorporated really well and utilises social media mediums, which is something that is very prevalent in modern day society. The learning objectives of the tasks included are structured in such a way that the cognitive, affective and sensory domains are all covered; underpinned by Bloom’s taxonomy. Practical tasks are combined with, and underpinned by, activities that develop a theoretical framework for conducting a range of fitness tests for different components of fitness. I would highly recommend this resource and cannot wait to use it myself because it has a number of important uses.

B Chambers, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A well-presented useful resource that would help students to transfer their learning in the classroom onto their assignments for the unit. The resource is ordered in a structured and logical manner and included some engaging and fun activities that would help to motivate students... I like the images and diagrams that are used and these are usually appropriate and engaging and add value to the resource. It will also help them to focus their attention to particular key concepts... and the resource makes links to real life with sporting examples where possible. These could be used for homework and independent learning or research tasks so they lend themselves to different types of learning.

J Gentles, Head of Sport & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7060)

Love this resource. The majority of the more complex and challenging topics have been addressed in a stimulating and interactive style. Good range of interactive diagrams, drawings and tasks to support, aid and prepare learners for the exam.

R Devlin, Curriculum Team Leader & Peer Reviewer.

I think it will support teaching well, acting as a good homework resource, or revision booklet. Clearly well organised and structured. The tasks allow for communication, leadership and literacy skills. The activities demand different skills and therefore pose challenge to pupils.

N Hannah, Assistant HoD & Peer Reviewer

Resource works well to cover the content required for students to develop the knowledge to succeed in the course. Working students in a variety of pairs, groups and individuals ensures that students develop the ability to challenge each other as well as supporting themselves within the course.

S Wills, Deputy lead of PE & Peer Reviewer

Good range of different activities to embed knowledge and understanding of this unit. You can adapt them to suit your students’ style of learning and give the teacher many different types of activities.

A Mills, PE Teacher & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8558)

It puts the focus on the student rather than teacher led. The activities overall are very easy to follow and so user-friendly for both teacher and student. The answers are included and are detailed which would assist the teacher. I would use it for class activities after tutor-led delivery.

A Hollingworth, BTEC Lecturer & Peer Reviewer.

The variety of activities throughout the pack are excellent, I think this is really key when planning for lessons. The practical elements of the pack are also easy to set up and run but really efficient at meeting the assignment brief. I believe it will enhance learning as it has such a varied amount of activities for students to do.

C Preist, BTEC Sport Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Lots of very good content... very helpful for all would keep all learners on task. I liked the different activities and the visuals that were used.

R Radford, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8888)

The resource is good ... the tasks are engaging and will offer challenge to the pupils.

P Newman, Teacher of BTEC Sport & Peer Reviewer

Really useful resource. Clear and easy to follow. This could be a pretty dull unit, if not broken up and planned appropriately, so this is really useful to help break down the different elements of the unit clearly.

R Devlin, Curriculum Team Leader & Peer Reviewer