Narratives for AS and A Level French

An introduction to studying literary texts

AS and A Level

Introduce your students to authentic, target-language works with these original, 3000-word narratives and supporting activities – the perfect stepping stone to studying a literary text!

  • One continuous 3000-word narrative, split into three parts – get students used to reading longer texts without overwhelming them
  • Fully linked to topics from the 2016 AS and A Level specifications – suitable for every exam board
  • A variety of supporting activities including lexis, comprehension, translation, literary analysis and debate guide students through the text and develop advanced language skills
  • Fully flexible – use in class or at home
  • With full answers for easy self-, peer- and teacher assessment

What are the stories about?

AS French Following criticism from his straight-laced grandparents about his sexuality, as well as threats from classmates, Antoine seeks solace online from fellow members of the LGBT community. When a pro-gay marriage rally takes place in Paris, Antoine defies his critics to peacefully march for change.
A Level French In a dystopian future, Omar and his family risk life and limb in search of a better life. Leaving their native Senegal, which has been swallowed by the Sahara, in a small wooden boat bound for France’s southern shores, they experience tragedy, encounter racism, and ultimately find hope.