Vocabulary Activity Pack for GCSE AQA Spanish

Much more than just a glossary!

Ensure students get to grips with essential terminology with these fantastic, topic-by-topic activities. Covers every individual piece of theme-based vocabulary in the whole of the 2016 GCSE AQA specification – the perfect accompaniment to the course. Each self-contained worksheet follows a logical Recognise the Meaning ⇒ Put it into Context ⇒ Use it Yourself structure to support learning and ensure progression:

Fantastic resource giving students the chance to widen their vocabulary in an independent and friendly format

G Crowson, HoD and Customer
  • Foundation and Higher worksheets available for each topic – set work appropriate to the needs of your class
  • Varied and engaging activities build familiarity and confidence with topic-specific vocabulary. Tasks to suit any learning style, including match-ups, unscrambling, crosswords, noughts and crosses, fill in the gaps, board games and more!
  • Full answers included for easy self-, peer- and teacher marking

Perfect for use in class or at home, as part of ongoing learning or end-of-topic assessment and end-of-year revision – the ultimate in flexible teaching!

What do teachers say about this resource? (6942)

Fantastic resource giving students the chance to widen their vocabulary in an independent and friendly format. It is invaluable in saving the teacher preparation time.

G Crowson, HoD and Customer

Fantastic resource. Straight forward exercises that meet the requirements of the new AQA spec (...) I like the variety of activities and I like also the build up from single words to sentences (put in context activities) . I think that there are lots of good exercises!

J I Ermina, Teacher, Examiner and Peer Reviewer

Very logical and well structured. Using a lot of repetition of activities to recycle language and introduce new content.

L Perry, HoD and Peer Reviewer

The simple ideas behind the activity types make it ideal for starter or review activities. I particularly like the three sections, A, B and C which allow for testing, moving from single words through sentences to paragraphs.

C Holmes, Teacher and Peer Reviewer