Introduction to Data Collection and Analysis - A Level Student Scrapbooks

Want to encourage your students to tackle data independently? Structured to support the 2015 A Level AQA English Language specification, these creative Independent Study Scrapbooks will assist and stimulate your students in undertaking weekly mini research tasks.

Contains exercises for 22 separate Language topics which can be handed out at the beginning of the year and easily monitored, or developed into whole lessons. Examples and guidance included.

The aim: Students search out their own data, paste it into the booklet and respond to the prompts by performing a variety of analytical exercises. They will gain a wider experience of data types and contexts, and apply and practise what they have learned in class to enhance independent working.

I like the scaffolded, modelled examples that move on to independent work and analysis... The range of data covered fits both with the textual-analysis tasks required in the exams and the independent sourcing and analysis required for the NEA. P Town, Head of English & Independent Reviewer

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'Useful. I liked the scaffolded, modelled examples then moving to independent work and analysis.' P Town, Head of English and Independent Reviewer