Topical Podcasts for AS and A Level

Fabulous... I cannot wait to use this! R Bravo, Spanish Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Up-to-the-minute podcasts covering current events and contentious issues in target-language countries. Spoken by native speakers and accompanied by relevant activities, these contemporary recordings mix authentic cultural exposure with valuable language practice:

AS With built-in differentiation – podcasts are signposted as easy, medium or hard
A Level With extension ‘debate’ tasks – get students talking about a variety of thought-provoking issues
  • 12–13 topical podcasts provide a modern and engaging platform for listening practice – with interviews, reports, radio programmes, reviews, opinions and more!
  • Closely linked to topics from the 2016 AS and A Level specifications – the perfect companion to your teaching! Students learn relevant vocabulary and useful structures.
  • Vocabulary, comprehension, speaking and writing tasks help students get the most out of the podcasts
  • Use as whole-class listening exercises or upload to students’ MP3 players for independent study
  • Full transcripts double up as extra support or additional reading practice
  • Answers included for easy self-, peer- or teacher assessment

The perfect way to develop students’ skills for AO4 (cultural knowledge) and AO3 (quality of language) – both relevant to new AS and A Level exams!

What do teachers say about this resource? (6837)

'Excellent listening resources.' M Mortimer, Head of Spanish, and ZigZag Education Customer

'Covers all the topics and the source materials are interesting and up to date (...) Apart from consolidating exam listening skills, the resource pack would allow students to build their vocabulary, writing and speaking skills. I particularly liked the “Did you know“ section which students will find interesting and which gives the teacher the opportunity to explore some cultural aspects of the language.' E Lerin, Spanish Course Leader and Independent Reviewer

''A useful tool to help students improve their listening skills and the vast majority of the activities can be completed independently. The topics are interesting and current which makes them quite appealing. I liked the fact that each worksheet introduces new vocabulary at the start of the exercise to help make it more accessible to learners. I also like the comprehension activities which mean that even if teachers don’t want to use the resources as podcasts they can still give their students the comprehension activities to complete as exam practice.' R Madila, Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'Fabulous (...) I cannot wait to use this! The themes are very recent and up-to-date. The texts are authentic material, very well written, with agreat variety of structures, tenses, connectives, conjuctions…. I really like how the resource takes it further and beyond by incorporating productive tasks (writing and speaking) which can really stretch the more able. I find incredibly useful the tasks relating to synonyms and antonyms, which not only prepare students for the listening paper but also for the reading.' R Bravo, Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6879)

'The variety of comprehension exercises, including looking for synonyms and antonyms is excellent. I liked the room to correct false answers in the vrai/faux exercises. It is certainly a valuable resource, and I feel that listening resources linked to textbooks are often of limited value, so it would help to redress this issue.' L Stock, Senior MFL Teacher and Independent Reviewer