Python Programming for GCSE (9–1) Computer Science

Separate versions available for AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC Eduqas

Specifically written for use with the new GCSE (9-1) Computer Science specifications, Python Programming develops the core programming skills that students need – in particular, for completing their non-examined assessment (NEA).

  • 15 chapters covering all programming elements of the specification – clear explanations and packed with example code and programming exercises!
  • 24 varied starters facilitate use in lessons, by recapping previous learning and providing a quick warm up for the lesson ahead
  • Practice assignment with model solution – featuring an original scenario in exam-board style – ideal for preparing students for the real NEA!
  • Developed using Python v3.4.3
  • Cross-referenced to the relevant GCSE (9-1) spec
  • Paper and digital solutions for every task
A really useful resource which will help both teachers and students prepare for the non-exam assessment of any 2016 spec. I particularly like the icons indicating examples of good practice. A Hadwen-Bennett, HoD & Expert Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6754)

Fantastic resource, I have used this to teach programming theory as well as Python commands to my current year 10 GCSE class... Various activities to give to students...It's structured in the sense from the basics to the more advanced skills and each section has a test/challenge at the end.

S Iqbal (customer)

I like this resource as it covers all the requirements for this stage and a good intro for pupils in KS5 new to programming...The exercises are very useful and the sample programs are clear with good use of comments in the code – covers all the basics...Enables students to work independently with their programming skills and stretch them with the exercises...Includes a range of useful tips and approaches to layout etc, which are not always covered in resources...This resource provides a range of examples and exercises that are accessible by students and helpful to enable a focus on those who may require further support...[Matches the AQA specification] very well

S Brace (peer reviewer)

Good resource - very detailed...Covers all the main skills needed for the NEA...Allows students to work independently...Can work alongside existing resources you may have. Also has some really nice activities for students to work through. Has all the answers included which can be used to help students understand weaknesses in their code...A good match [to AQA].

A Dolinski (customer)

What do teachers say about this resource? (6753)

Very useful resource for students to work independently... Good code examples used throughout... Matches the OCR specification very well.

L Bradley (customer)

Really useful for delivering the skills the pupils need to complete the controlled assessment activities... It’s going to save [me] a lot of time preparing resources

S Hanlon (customer)