A Level Edexcel Business Topic Tests

Comprehensive and progressive tests covering every specification topic – ideal to identify student and whole class weakness and for tracking the progress of all your students. An easy-to-set homework or in-class exercise for the end of every topic.

A very useful tool which increases students' understanding

J Landrakis, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
Perfectly designed for the 2015 specs:
  • Quantitative skills
  • New topics from price elasticity to crowdfunding
  • Short case studies so students practise application

Each test includes:

  1. Short, factual questions – quickly identify gaps in knowledge
  2. Exam-style case study questions – perfect for exam preparation
  3. Detailed answers – quick and easy to mark

What do teachers say about this resource? (6670)

Overall, this was an excellent resource. It was very helpful in checking for student understanding of key course concepts and engaging students in weekly or monthly review.

It gives students practice in appying their knowledge with exam - style questions. It also has useful case studies that help students to analyse key course concepts in a real world context.

This resource can be used in several different ways to help students. It can be used to begin a lesson with a short review of previous learning. It can be used to test student knowledge or provide models on how to answer more complex questions. It can also be used as a homework resource or as topic test and revision.

It is well structured with clear questions and answers provided which can save teachers a lot of time. The questions are directly relevant to the syllabus and help to give students much needed exam style practice.

This resource has many different uses that can save teachers valuable time and also help promote student learning. The latest research suggests and reinforces what most teachers know: engaging students in regular revision of the key course concepts and principles helps them to retain key information and promotes more effective learning. This resource can help teachers to achieve this and also save them time.

This resource matches the A Level Business Edexcel Specification very well and helps to give students valuable exam-style practice of the syllabus. It has useful exam type questions and case studies in which students can apply their knowledge with real life business scenarios. It is also excellent in giving students practice questions in the quantitative skills aspect of the course - which can be challenging for some students in Business Studies

R Jones, Teacher and Customer

A very useful tool which increases students' understanding and provides an extra resource for teachers to enhance learning in class and in students' homes.

J Landrakis, Teacher & Peer Reviewer