GCSE AQA History Topic Tests

Prepare your students for the all-exam-based 2016 GCSE specification with these large banks of topic-by-topic questions. Ideal for identifying gaps in knowledge in class, homework or as revision in time for exams!

I love the fact that each test comes complete with exemplar answers

D Wallbanks, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Exposes students to the types of questions they could meet in an exam – including source-based questions.

A useful revision or homework tool!

A Berg, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Engages your class with a range of question formats including mind maps, timeline tasks and match-ups
  • Includes a detailed user-friendly mark scheme for easy marking
  • Provided in both write-on 'practice-exam' and 'question-only' formats
  • PLUS peer-assessment sheets – great for AfL

Allows [testing] in an effective and interesting manner

L Turton, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6642)

Comprehensive, easy to access and included a mixture of questions which tested students at different levels of ability. I liked the fact that it meant teachers could easily adapt the resources to use for whole class, self and peer assessment purposes. This will save a lot of time for teachers.

It is adaptable - it could be used to test at the end of each unit, or for revision once the whole section has been taught. It can be used for AFL or whole class assessment.

It clearly fits to the needs of the specification and every section is covered in detail in each separate test. It will help students to identify learning gaps and be able to revise and improve their learning in these areas. It will be useful for revision and self-led revision, vastly improving the chances of getting a higher grade. There are also many questions which are closely linked to the styles of the GCSE questions on this paper which also aid retention of facts.

Overall, an excellent resource, full of value and with the potential to be able to be used in many different ways in the classroom or at home for student revision.

R Ellis-Lomas, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The resource is divided into sections that match the spec, making it easy to set as a homework or targeted revision task... I like that there are both open and closed questions, so that deeper thought and revision of class material is encouraged....I really like the varied formats of question – ensure students less likely to become bored. It would make a good resource for revision for students to download on a VLE... Answers were provided – love this.

A Berg, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Fabulous. There's a tailored test for each element of the three units of the AQA Elizabethan England 1568-1603 course. The coverage is extensive and tests every element of the main components of the course. The answer sections are really helpful for novices to teaching this subject. I love the fact that each test comes complete with exemplar answers and this makes it easier for marking or even for students to peer assess or self-evaluate their work. I like the differentiated nature of the tests and the way the tasks become increasingly more difficult.

D Wallbanks, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Enhances learning by allowing students to test themselves and then for students and teachers alike to assess their progress.

H Smith, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10079)

This is a very comprehensive resource. The resource covers the majority of the topics and many of the questions target precise events, issues, places etc. which will help support students gaining a wider knowledge of the exam specification. It is clear that the author has played great attention to the AQA specification for the America 1920-73 topic and is keen to try to cover that large topic in as much detail as possible.
I think the resource benefits from the opportunities to break from simple QA and uses the odd diagram, fact file, gap fill exercise. This certainly gives it greater appeal than just a list of questions. For example, the fact file of Sacco and Vanzetti on page 13 gives students an opportunity to recall in a different way to simple questions.
This source is a simple tool which can be marketed for trying to support revision and subject knowledge. As that alone it does a very good job as it covers the main aspects of the course. Therefore, for knowledge and understanding it is very good.
The author has paid great attention to the specification.

M Wilkinson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8067)

I found this resource to be detailed and well structured. It tests both knowledge and understanding. Students can test themselves at the end of each relevant topic area in precise knowledge based detail. The mark schemes are detailed and clear. I would purchase this resource as it gives clear testing and would give clear results. This is an essential resource for the new exam.

A Stevenson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The question types would be extremely useful for knowledge recall revision. The 1 and 2 mark questions are good because they help students build up specific knowledge they can use... very useful for revision especially.

R Bailey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A helpful resource

L Ashley, HoD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6584)

This resource is very good, it is imperative for this age group to be tested in short bursts frequently to allow for educational learning. This resource allows that in an effective and interesting manner... here is a variety of question types which will keep this age group engaged. I like that they are based on the content of the specification, not just exam questions, so that the teacher can ensure that the students are learning the content.

L Turton, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A very comprehensive set of tests with a range of different activities (grids, images, matching tasks). These ensure that knowledge is being tested in a variety of ways.

N Shah, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Very useful for revision,both on an interim level and at the end of the course. Learning would be enhanced by careful recording of marks so teachers can see how much progression has been made across the course.

l ashley, HoD,Bartholomews tutorial college,Brighton & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6576)

I liked it - clear layout with space for tests as well as well as individual marks -useful for revision and catching up (students that have been absent) + varied questions e.g. box/gap fills. Also like self-assessment.
I particularly like this resource because answers are at the end, not throughout; also visuals e.g. Bayeux (p.6), knight (p.7), casta (p.9), also emphasis on chronology (e.g. p. 10).
Provides class work and helpful for homework - also provides revision tools.
It is better than some other resources because it is very thorough.
[It is] at the right level –not too off-putting for weaker candidates, and has longer questions to stretch more also.
It matches the specification AQA Norman England – exactly – but could also be used for Edexcel.

L Ashley, HoD & Customer

A promising resource that covers all the content... It will help a lot of students and teachers to monitor their knowledge and understanding.

A Wallace, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6344)

The range of questions and coverage of the course is impressive.

It will be a helpful revision tool to aid retrieval of key information.

I Marris, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I like that there are varied question types and detailed answers... I like that the questions were clearly worded and tasks are easy to understand... A useful revision or homework tool!

A Berg, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7099)

Good overall coverage of the topic in terms of the required content.

Effective for content recall.

I liked the coverage of questions from across the course.

It will be effective at helping students to understand the key features of the Cold War between 1945-72.

I Marris, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This is a well-structured resource, which mirrors the factual content of the specification. It will help pupils in a consolidation of the facts.

N Stanley, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10080)

A good resource. It covered the spec quite thoroughly and it was useful having mark schemes separate.
I particularly liked that it could also be used for other courses, at least in part eg IGCSE Stalin(edexcel) or basic revision for AS/A Lenin to Yeltsin.
It would enhance learning through all the ways mentioned in teacher’s intro eg revision/homework/testing/monitoring etc. Its educational value would be to reinforce basic content
It matches and interprets the spec clearly.
I also liked the reordering events and completing tables exercises, and fill in gaps.

L Ashley, HoD & Peer Reviewer