Revision Summaries for AS & A Level AQA Psychology

Focused, engaging and student-friendly revision notes, supported by self and peer-assessment tasks. Easy to use and perfect for exam revision or as end-of-topic summaries.

Matches the specification order perfectly, great for teachers to locate the section you need instantly. A fantastic revision structure with:

  • Key terms picked out and clearly explained.
  • Activities test and reinforce knowledge against key AOs.
  • Concise bullet points cover the vital need-to-know content.
  • ‘Take it further’ section stretches your most-able students.
  • Self-assessment checklists help your students evaluate strengths and weaknesses, allowing for targeted revision.

What do teachers say about this resource? (6430)

This is a fantastic resource which presents all that is required in a clear and concise way. There is information that addresses AO1, AO2 and AO3 providing students with everything they need to achieve a good grade. It makes the topic of research methods accessible and less intimidating. I believe this is a brilliant resource.

K Elks, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I liked the clear format, self-review sections, use of examples and visuals

K Walker, Teacher & Peer Reviewer