SOS: Acing Foundation in GCSE AQA German

2016 specs

Train your weaker students to pass those new spec Foundation papers with flying colours! Specific language strategies are built up through carefully selected, targeted tasks. For each strategy, the logical structure builds awareness and provides scaffolded practice.

Very carefully tailored for foundation students

S Sweeney, HoD and Peer Reviewer
  1. Simple explanation of the strategy
  2. A warm-up activity to understand the strategy
  3. Annotated practice exercises to build confidence
  4. Full exam questions to challenge.
  5. Translation task which reinforces the strategy

Students are well-supported throughout and there is no doubt that they will improve on many aspects of the target language thanks to this well thought out resource

S Dumond, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

  • Vocab, task type, grammar and topics all perfectly tailored to the exam!
  • Perfectly matched to 2016 specs, including Foundation-level translation practice
  • Self-contained resource supports weaker students without taking up valuable class time