Exam Preparation Guides for A Level AQA Philosophy (first exams 2015/16)

There’ll be no question they Kant answer!

Fully understand what examiners are looking for with this guide focused on maximising performance in the new A2 exam. Bursting with exam-style questions, graded sample answers and constructive examiner commentary – ideal for classwork, homework or intensive revision sessions.

  • ‘How to answer’ sections on each question from 3- to 25-markers
  • 35 exam-style questions of every type, each with multiple sample answers at different levels
  • Structured AfL activities prompt students to take advice on board and build exam skills independently
  • Well-informed commentary for every answer from an experienced teacher and examiner!
An excellent resource for the new spec... Offers valuable example questions and sample answers. M Bee, Philosophy Teacher & Independent Reviewer
  • Covers every topic of the new 2014 AQA spec
  • Student-friendly advice on precision, conciseness, and the Philosophy AOs – building confidence and effective exam technique
  • Great assessment for learning – students compare their answers with samples and commentary and see exactly where to improve!

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6741)

I really liked this resource... the pupil would benefit from the hints and tips offered in the booklet... I really liked the fact that it offers additional questions that are currently not published on the AQA website or available in the two endorsed text books. This is really useful for giving pupils a fuller examination preparation session, as well as anticipated questions... This resource has a lot of mileage. Suggested tasks are great, giving exemplar material is very useful and a comparison for top end answers and ‘lesser’ answers is fantastic, especially as currently there is little exemplar material out there... I like how the tips come first, then the questions, then the answers, then the marks. This really allows the teacher to plan how to use the material – e.g. cut and sort activity – match the answer to the correct mark given. Jigsaw an essay answer, etc It makes for easy reading... this resource really matches the new specification... I like that there is examples of 0/3 all the way through to 3/3 for the model answers... Awesome [25-mark] exemplar material here." – A Jones, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer

An excellent resource for this new specification. By definition there is little in the way of guidance on how to respond to exam questions (as there are no past papers) so this exam guide offers valuable example questions and sample answers, in addition to a clear understanding of the assessment criteria. The author’s subject knowledge is extremely good... They are precise and accurate responses to possible exam questions but also create responses that fall short of the assessment criteria so demonstrating a sound grasp of the essential elements of concepts and arguments in philosophy of mind... Helpful examples of possible exam questions for each type of question and that each was thoroughly illustrated with varying qualities of response... This resource has significant educational value. It fills an inevitable gap in the resources available for a new specification... It is very student friendly in providing good and bad answers followed by clear explanations as to why they are. It is a concrete resource offering real examples... It matches and interprets the specification precisely. The author has a very clear grasp of the nature of AQA A2 Philosophy exam questions demonstrated by their ability to generate their own examples. Also a sound understanding of the criteria used to assess answers shown through both the reinterpretation of the 'levels of response mark schemes' and the sample marks and comments given following every sample answer." – M Bee, Philosophy Teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6469)

A valuable guide for the student to a new examination syllabus and question paper on Philosophy Ethics. It gives students the opportunity to think very carefully about the depth they have to go into to achieve full marks... accessible guide for the student which offers them questions not available elsewhere... students can see the wide range of possible questions. Also, the possible answers to questions are confidence boosting to students unsure of what is expected of them, at least in terms of the depth and quality of answer they give... The resource offers students a confidence boosting insight into the Mark Scheme and what is expected of them in terms of quality of answer. The resource will challenge those students who have not prepared well and warn them of the difficulty of achieving a pass grade. The resource will get the student to think about length, structure and quality of the answer for each type of question... it takes you methodically through the different types of questions beginning with the 3 mark to the 25 mark questions... It matches perfectly the way the examination is structured." – A Dulston, Philosophy Teacher & Independent Reviewer