GCSE (9-1) AQA Maths Practice Exam Papers

Available for Foundation & Higher

Build student confidence in Mathematics in preparation for the new 9-1 exams with these unique sets of practice exam papers.

Sample Papers
Paper 1F
Paper 2F
Paper 3F
Paper 1H
Paper 2H
Paper 3H
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Bigger than ever before!

10 sets; 30 papers per board per tier.

Better than ever before!

  • Well-designed papers with clearly worded questions – methodically written and checked by mathematicians and teachers!
  • Full specification coverage – all topics covered with the required AO1, AO2 & AO3 weightings
  • Matches the exact style of the new exam in terms of structure, cumulative difficulty, question types, new topics, and new demanding problem-solving questions


Each paper includes:
  1. Write-on version – mimics exam layout, perfect preparation for the real thing!
  2. Non-write-on version – minimise photocopying costs
  3. A5 booklet versions – great for revision, even smaller copying costs
  4. Detailed worked solutions support learning with useful commentary, mark schemes and common alternative solutions

Meticulous attention to detail!

  • Triple checked for accuracy and question clarity
  • Specification mapping ensures all areas of the specification covered and AOs weighted
  • Likely question type frequency reflected across the 30 papers; this ensures for example common exam questions occur frequently across the sets
  • Level of difficulty modelled to ensure the same level of difficulty as the specimens, which themselves were statistically checked by Ofqual
  • Non-write-on versions include optional short work booklets for the occasional questions where writing directly onto the question is useful.

Designed for students and teachers!

  • Separate answer column for faster marking!
  • Extra detail in workings helps students identify their mistakes and learn effectively
  • Common alternative solutions enable students to match their solution to that provided

GCSE (9-1) Maths Practice Papers are also available for: Edexcel | OCR

What do teachers say about this resource? (8203,8204,8206,8207,8209,8210)

'Fantastic resource... The more practice the better... the worked answers are very good -and have the points awarded as one goes along.' – M Qume, Parent and Happy Customer

'Excellent. Can’t fault them... Don’t hesitate to buy them. Students will definitely benefit.' – K Clark, Pro-active Parent & Happy Customer

'Absolutely fantastic... I am a parent and bought privately - dyslexic child went from predicted 4 to actual 7. I put it down to these papers!' – M Qume, Parent & Happy Customer

'Excellent resource, foundation and higher. Lots of questions available to students... Challenges and stretches the pupils of all levels and abilities... Clearly worded so the pupils find them more accessible.' – K Tucker, Deputy Head & Happy Customer

'Answer schemes are easy to follow for them to see where they have gone wrong.' – N Coe, Head of Maths & Happy Customer

'Has more variety than other packages... some very challenging questions mapped against the AQA exam papers ... covers all of the AQA spec for Maths... Just get it!' – M Jones, Maths Teacher & Happy Customer

'Concise, structured, clearly laid out and a fabulous array of varied questions covering all the topics in the Edexcel exam for the new grading systems (9-1)... The format and layout is exceptional and most of all the level of questions true to the actual exam... My daughter (student) was able to pick it up and go through questions at her own pace and mark her answers immediately. The answers were set out in stages so she could see exactly where she went wrong, which is invaluable.' – K Clark, Pro-active Parent & Happy Customer