Practice Exams for AS and A level AQA Chemistry

AS: Photocopiable write-on exam-style papers for realistic exam practice: four for Paper 1 and five for Paper 2.

A Level: Photocopiable write-on exam-style papers for realistic exam practice: four for Paper 1 and four for Paper 2 and four for Paper 3

Practice makes perfect!

  • Written to match the new AQA specification.
  • Cross-referenced to specification – easily see what each paper covers and how marks are distributed.

  • Full content coverage
  • Full range of question types to perfect exam technique: multiple-choice, short- and long-answer, extended response, calculations, data analysis, practical skills
  • Detailed mark scheme with marker guidance

Two different formats included: write-on to replicate the exam experience and non-write-on to save photocopying costs!

What do teachers say about this resource? (6431, 6433)

If you need past paper practice for your students - use these!

J Skiming, Head of Chemistry & Customer

Gives [students] plenty of practice to improve exam technique. It’s easier to buy and then prepare yourself.

R Lloyd, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Valuable practice, model answers are good and detailed.

J Crossland, Head of Chemistry & Customer

This resource is very useful for both the teachers and students alike! - D.Gunasekera, College lecturer & independent reviewer

Excellent preparation for the exam.

N Convery, AQA Examiner, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7245, 7246, 7247)

I thought the resource to be very useful. There were some really challenging questions that will supplement students work for the final AQA-A-Level examinations. I will use this resource to enhance both revision of material at the end of the course as well as self-assessment for students to use in addition to the other resources that I provide. This can only enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of Chemistry. Coverage of the Specification was good. I would buy the resource as it will benefit the students. I have used the AS Exam Paper Resource and found it to be really helpful to the students during the stressful examination time.

B Rae, Head of Chemistry & Peer Reviewer

Very good, very precise questions, very well balanced and constructed. Highly instructive.

C Cosar, Tutor & Peer Reviewer