Skills-focused Homeworks for AS and A Level Edexcel French

Very well put together, an excellent choice of texts, each topic is well exploited with varied exercises C Gaumet-Ducros, French Tutor & Independent Reviewer

Bespoke, interesting and engaging homeworks covering all 2016 AS and A Level Edexcel topics and practising a wide range of skills. For each of the six topics, there are three one–hour worksheets with different skills focus: ❶ Vocabulary, reading and summarising ❷ Grammar ❸ Writing and translation (both ways).

  • Ensures students revise content and practise exam skills at the same time
  • Relevant and contemporary texts will keep students engaged and ensure up-to-date knowledge of Target Language countries
  • Every worksheet has built-in differentiation, making the resource suitable for all learners
  • Incredibly versatile: use as independent homework, topic revision or skill-based exam practice
  • Clear and detailed mark schemes for easy assessment including translations and summaries