Differentiated Revision Podcasts for GCSE Spanish

Speedy, simple, smart revision!

Over 100 original texts, including comprehension questions and answers, with three levels of differentiation, written and recorded by native speakers. Ensure students revise relevant vocabulary and structures through valuable practice – not just for the listening, but for every part of their GCSE exams!

It gives an incredible range of possibilities for use in or out of class

R Bravo, Teacher and Peer Reviewer
Fully Differentiated:
  • Foundation: Short-answer questions and responses in English
  • Intermediate: Longer-answer questions and responses in English
  • Higher: Questions and responses in Spanish
  • Podcasts provided in audio, MP3 and network/intranet format for ultimate flexibility.
  • Use in class or at home, or download to MP3 players and smartphones for revision on the go! Students can revise any place, any time, any way.
  • Special Text → Question → Answer format encourages participation and facilitates active learning.
  • Covers every topic from the 2016 GCSE specifications
  • Includes write-on worksheets for more structured, in-class learning
  • Full transcripts provided

What do teachers say about this resource? (6371)

I really like the different formats, it gives an incredible range of possibilities, or use in or out of class. The range of grammatical structures is wide and engaging, and there is the right level of challenge and differentiation. Some really nice use of idioms, it really has such a native feel!

R Bravo, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

As we all know, listening is a difficult component for the students to master and this will give them enough extra vocabulary to be be able to access higher marks.

J I Ermina, Teacher, Examiner and Peer Reviewer