Skills-focused Homeworks for AS and A Level AQA French

Bespoke, interesting and engaging homeworks covering all 2016 AS and A Level AQA topics and practising a wide range of skills.

Set as independent homework or as class tasks; it targets what they need to practice

F Chartrain, HoD & Customer
For each of the six topics, there are three one–hour worksheets with different skills focus: ❶ Vocabulary, reading and summarising ❷ Grammar ❸ Writing and translation (both ways).

Students understand what is expected of them and the answers enable them to quickly check their own. No marking required by teachers

A Kimberly, Head of MFL & Customer
  • Ensures students revise content and practise exam skills at the same time
  • Relevant and contemporary texts will keep students engaged and ensure up-to-date knowledge of Target Language countries
  • Every worksheet has built-in differentiation, making the resource suitable for all learners
  • Incredibly versatile: use as independent homework, topic revision or skill-based exam practice
  • Clear and detailed mark schemes for easy assessment including translations and summaries

What do teachers say about this resource? (6356)

Provided excellent, structured revision of key skills before their AS exam. We will reuse in Y13. It really reduces planning time.

A Kimberly, Head of MFL & Customer

An excellent resource – very well set out and user friendly so it is ideal to be set as homework, but equally can be dipped into during lessons. It covers all of the key skills so is very varied. It also helps the students to focus in on the skills that they are weaker in. The answers are provided so students can work independently. Also the texts are relatively short so more easily accessible for all students.

S Marshall, MFL Subject Leader & Customer

It has been an excellent source of revision for our Year 13’s as they aim to consolidate Y12 knowledge and skills in Y13. I especially like the grammar exercises. It includes relevant grammar points with practice and builds student confidence. It is clear and easy to follow, so students can complete it easily at home. For teachers, it will save a lot of time planning!

A Kimberly, HoD and Customer

Very useful for individual learning/homework.

M Eames, Head of Languages & Customer

I am able to set some tasks as independent homework or as class tasks; it targets what they need to practice.

F Chartrain, HoD & Customer

I enjoyed reviewing this resource as it is very well put together, there is an excellent choice of texts, each topic is well exploited, with varied exercises, both in subject matter and level. I liked the « conseils d’écriture » as students, especially at AS Level, find it difficult to use « interesting » expressions. A useful guide.

C Gaumet-Ducros,Tutor and Former HoD, Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8231)

High Quality and challenging tasks. It focuses on key points of grammar and vocab directly linked to the A Level course. The resources make up part of the student's homework so extremely time saving for the teacher. The tasks are very similar to exam questions so excellent for the students to practice.

Y Morris, Head of MFL & Customer

We used the year 1 equivalent last year, which was really helpful. This resource continues to help our students build the necessary skills for their exams. It has helped our students to be able to revise vocabulary more independently. Students understand what is expected of them and the answers enable them to quickly check their own. No marking required by teachers.

A Kimberly, Head of MFL & Customer

This is a useful source of extra practice for year 2 topics of the AQA A Level French course with a variety of tasks to maintain interest and increase pupils’ knowledge and confidence. The resource gives great topic-specific reading practice and will increase pupils’ vocabulary. It also promotes progress by suggesting new structures for them to manipulate in specific sentences and gives them opportunities (and reminders!) to include them in their own writing.

J Briden, Head of French & Peer Reviewer