Controversial Debate Topics for A Level French

Introduce your students to 20 of the most controversial and divisive issues facing French society today. For use with current and 2016 specs, this comprehensive pack of self-contained worksheets provides essential vocabulary, key facts and up-to-date information while encouraging in-depth analysis. Students will learn to effectively argue any standpoint – perfect for building exam skills!

  • Broad topic coverage gives students the all-round knowledge and tools needed to discuss a variety of issues including those likely to come up in exams!
  • Reading, writing, listening, speaking and translation activities provide continued language practice while enhancing understanding of French culture, issues and attitudes.
  • Plus! Links to audiovisual material provide access to authentic sources and support a variety of language styles.

Whether in class or at home, these versatile worksheets will be useful at any point in both the current and new A Level courses.

Topics include: La peine de mort ; Tout dire ; L'euthanasie ; La manipulation génétique ; La dépénalisation du cannabis ; Le clonage ; L'expérimentation sur les animaux ; Les OGM ; Les réseaux sociaux ; L'adoption homoparentale ; Le nucléaire ; Les énergies renouvelables ; La laïcité ; L'immigration ; L'Union européenne ; Les allocations ; Santé et enseignement gratuits ; La sécurité ; L'aide internationale ; Les partis extrêmes

What do teachers say about this resource? (6331)

'An extremely comprehensive guide, it covers so many of the controversial topics we study at this stage (...) It gives pupils an "in", and it would also be very beneficial to them in terms of allowing them to work independently, but within a very guided framework.' L Stock, Senior MFL Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'This is a fabulous resource and I cannot wait to use some of it with my A level students! Absolutely “spot on” for the A level syllabus as it brings culture and contemporary issues into the classroom . It was a pleasure to read as the language is excellent and every topic has already been thoroughly analysed and researched.' F Ashbourne, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'A great and comprehensive resource with loads of recent and up-to-date information. This resource will stretch the learner and provide access to some authentic French articles and video clips. Relevant, intesting and varied!' M Hillier, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer