Care Home's Weekly Quiz (52 quizzes) Volume 2

A completely new set of 52 general knowledge quizzes - one for each week of the year - written specially for use with elderly people in residential or nursing care.

  • All quizzes are multiple-choice with two options for each answer - Perfect to get all residents involved
  • Questions on 11 engaging categories from Art to Maths and History to Sport - Each quiz acts as a great springboard to awaken memories for residents
  • Ready-to-use photocopiable quizzes that can be laminated and passed out to residents or read aloud, with answers provided - 40 minutes of entertainment every week, at your fingertips

Praise for the Previous Editions (2326:(Care Home Quizzes Volume 1)
"It was good to see everyone enjoying this activity, even the people that don't particularly like to get involved with activities... Matched our needs as a care home very well." - D Bartlett, Deputy Manager at Evergreens Care Home and ZigZag Customer
"Perfect! I would recommend these quizzes." - J Fairweather, Organiser of the Tuesday Club and ZigZag Customer
"Meets the needs to do an activity... I would recommend it." - G Gould, Owner of Parkside Care, ZigZag Customer
"It was fun for all the service users and helps retain memory." - J Hearnshaw, Service Manager at Self Unlimited, ZigZag Customer
"Brilliant. You've got it just right. Not too hard, but not too easy either... I will certainly recommend this quiz to other activities co-ordinators within our group of nursing homes." - Activities Co-ordinator, Moorfield House Nursing Home, ZigZag Customer
"Excellent product... It is exactly what I was looking for and saved me having to come up with questions." - J Mazza, Ashley Gardens Care Centre, ZigZag Customer
"The quizzes are very good and it is used daily... Well recommended." - M Payne, Centre Manager, Furze Hill Day Centre, ZigZag Customer