Tarsia Puzzles for AS and A Level Edexcel A Economics

Absorbing topic-by-topic activities ensure students get to grips with the essential theory for Year 1 Economics. Break up the monotony of note-taking and essay writing – but still focus students on core economics!

Students match factors of production to examples, complete a sentence with its logical conclusion, or match cause to effect. The cards form a satisfying grid when the edges are correctly matched – challenging economic knowledge and problem-solving skills.

  • Kinaesthetic activities for starters/plenaries, groupwork or revision
  • Differentiated to challenge all abilities: two versions of each topic
  • Photocopiable – students simply cut out and use for individual or pair work (laminate for longevity!)
 Revise Concepts     Kinaesthetic Groupwork     Differentiated
Encourages independent and active learning… allows the teacher to simply facilitate. Susie O'Connor, Economics Teacher & Independent Reviewer