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Using Twitter in KS3 English: Activity Pack

Launch your lessons into the ‘twittersphere’ with this original and up-to-date activity pack. An exciting and flexible addition to your Scheme of Work – all stand-alone activities can be adapted to your class text or focus. Constructive activities engage students with the texts they are studying and creating. The unique format encourages cross-curricular IT links as well as offering a different perspective on the typical English lesson.

Activities include:
  • Reading: Guess the Character – flexible: adapt to your text!
  • Writing: Haikus, ‘Twittericks’, Flash Fiction, Adverts, Publishing Blurb, newspaper reports
  • Speaking and Listening: Role-play scenarios, debates
  • IT Skills: Information gathering

For every activity:

  • Teacher’s notes ensure you are prepared for the task
  • Activity Guide gives students clear instructions to follow
  • ‘What do you reckon?’ prompt question encourages students to reflect
  • ‘Go the Extra Metre’ extension task stretches fast finishers
  • Fun fact gets students thinking around the topic


  • Teacher’s ‘e-safety’ section – helps you consider the implications of using social media in the classroom
  • Pro formas so you can adapt the ideas in the pack to your own class