KS3 Computing Activity Worksheets

Over 150 pages of worksheets, fact sheets and teacher notes, comprehensively covering the KS3 Computing program of study (2014 NC).

All worksheets are designed for use without a computer, making them ideal for homeworks and cover lessons!

Content is covered in a fun and engaging way that students have responded well to.

R Walker (customer)

For students

  • 28 multi-worksheet activities, grouped into seven topics: Abstraction, Programming, Boolean Logic, Binary, Data Representation, Hardware and Software, Using ICT
  • Varied tasks test pupils’ understanding and application
  • Supporting fact sheets cover the fundamentals of each topic

For the teacher

  • Planning notes to help you fit the activities into your scheme of work: Learning objectives, NC mapping, keywords, approx. timings and extension ideas for every activity
  • Full, clear answers for hassle-free marking

‘Fun and friendly’ style helps pupils engage with the material!

What do teachers say about this resource? (6193)

The KS3 worksheets provide a really strong base of information and activities that we have re-designed our KS3 around. There is a good blend independent tasks that allow students to work at their own pace, and the tasks progress well to ensure that students are showing detailed knowledge by the end of each topic... it offers a really good range of activities for students that has fitted into my existing scheme of work seamlessly... This has helped me re-develop and improve the whole KS3 offer without having to start from the beginning with each topic... My students really enjoy the activities that are covered, and I have found that they are now far more able to make progress on the topics that I have used this resource with... it has the flexibility to fit into a current curriculum structure without needing to change everything. The content is covered in a fun and engaging way that students have responded well to... This document has formed the basis of my KS3 curriculum as I have been re-developing it this year. There is a great breadth of content that is covered, and I can pick and choose the sections that I want to add into my curriculum... The content matches the full range of the national curriculum for KS3 well. This includes Computer Science, IT and Digital Literacy.

R Walker (customer)

A really useful set of activity sheets for KS3... Excellent for setting relevant cover or homework easily to help extend or consolidate learning... Worth the money to save time for one off lessons

M Sexton (customer)

I found this resource very useful – the fact sheets are useful and cover the basics succinctly; the topics are also relevant... The activity sheets are fun and engaging and can be used in or out of class... It reinforces topics covered in class in a fun and accessible way... The activities are laid out clearly and does not pitch too high or come across as ‘nerdy’... A wide range of topics are covered in an engaging way that enables pupils of differing abilities to make progress.

S Brace (customer)