Topical Articles with Exercises

for AS & A Level Spanish

Topics matched to 2016 specifications – ready to use now!

Up-to-date articles based around the latest events in target-language countries, each one accompanied by a range of activities. Written by native speakers, these authentic texts will stretch your students while testing the skills needed for AS and A Level in a modern-day context.

My students would really enjoy working with this type of resource and would get a lot out of the activities

M Juarros, Spanish Teacher and Peer Reviewer
  • Topical and often challenging issues make texts relevant and thought-provoking, offering ample opportunity for debate.
  • All articles based on topics from new AS and A Level specifications
  • Each text accompanied by vocabulary, comprehension, language, translation, writing and discussion exercises – all matched to AS and A Level.
  • Full answers provided for easy teacher-, peer- or self-marking.
Articles include: Reflexiones en un email; Tu familia es mi familia; a fiebre del piercing; ¿Qué es para ti ser un buen deportista?; Reunión de antiguos alumnos; Un repentino cambio de circunstancias; ¿Debería España preocuparse más por el medio ambiente?; Vacaciones en Ibiza; Cada loco con su tema; ¿Por qué nos fascina tanto la vida de los famosos?; ¿Tienes Facebook en tu vida o Facebook tiene tu vida?; La fiebre del baile en televisión; Análisis de un anuncio original; Las fiestas de España; La tomatina... AND MORE!

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What do teachers say about this resource? (6189)

Very good both for use in lessons and for independent study. The “Thinking questions” are great for class discussions and the rest of the activities can be used in class or for homework. The texts are very current and I think they will really appeal to A Level students. I really enjoyed doing this review and reading the articles, they were so interesting and fun, as were the activities. I think my students would really enjoy working with this type of resource and would get a lot out of the activities.

M Juarros, Spanish Teacher and Peer Reviewer

A very coherent and effective resource which covers a range of topic areas in line with the new specifications. Using this resource, pupils will not only gain awareness of Spanish culture but will also develop a wide range of skills such as comprehension, grammar, translation into English and thinking skills which will prepare them for the exam. I really like the fact that for each article/topic area, the author has created a range of activities that cover the wide range of skills pupils need to develop, from answering questions in Spanish, a vocab and grammar section, through to oral work and independent research. I particularly liked some of the thinking questions as I believe that this is a skill many pupils struggle to develop.

S Peterson, HoD and Peer Reviewer

This is a great resource for AS Spanish and I like the fact that there are vocabulary, grammar, speaking and writing exercises. I like the fact that the translations are related to the main text, which reinforces the topic and provides a more meaningful exercise Also I like that most of the reading texts are quite current and might be of great interest to the students, such as the texts on tomatina or on a divorced family in the first unit.

J I Ermina, Teacher, Examiner and Peer Reviewer

Good for homeworks and cover lessons!

M Mortimer, Head of Spanish and Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10352)

Overall it provides engaging and interesting texts in Spanish which will increase students' knowledge of Spanish speaking countries, society and culture. Each worksheet contains a range of reading, grammatical, speaking and writing activities which will enable pupils to practice a wide range of language skills.

C Hennessy, Head of MFL & Peer Reviewer

The booklet contains culturally engaging texts relevant to the AQA specification (Year 2). I particularly find the selection of words in bold with a translation box very useful for students to work independently. Additionally, the author has made an effort to include a wide variety of idiomatic expressions. This resource would enable students to broaden their knowledge on matters of immigration, multiculturalism and the study of political aspects of contemporary Spain. Tasks will enhance the student’s reading comprehension, grammar and translation skills from Spanish to English. Additionally, speaking and writing tasks are also included.

P Vázquez López, Lead Teacher & Peer Reviewer