KS3 German Grammar Activities

21 essential KS3 grammar topics with simple, illustrated one-page explanations, each followed by two different, comprehensive worksheets to practise and assess learning.

It is fun to read, easy to digest, well thought out and more thorough than the traditional textbook...

...with examples pitched at the right level and has a variety of questions to choose from

S Wigglesworth, Teacher and Peer Reviewer
  • Written specifically for KS3 students, in straightforward and accessible language.
  • Fun and fresh activities keep your students engaged and on-task.
  • Use the eye-catching, visually stimulating explanation sheets as handouts, posters or placemats!
  • Each task includes marks and full answers for use by teacher, peer or student – assessment doesn’t get easier than this!

Geared towards the new National Curriculum, this original pack will gently guide your students through the building blocks of German grammar.

  • All worksheets offer supported translation practice, preparing your students for the demands of the new GCSE.

What do teachers say about this resource? (6128)

I would use this in the classroom and hand it out as a booklet to my students as a reference tool and activity booklet. It is fun to read, easy to digest, well thought out and more thorough than the traditional textbook, with examples pitched at the right level and has a variety of questions to choose from. The topics progress from the more straight forward to more challenging. It is bold, colourful and easy to read and navigate through as a reader. The examples are well thought out when explaining how the grammar rules are applied. The link to the vocab content is useful.

S Wigglesworth, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

We are really pleased with presentation and clarity of the explanations. We have bought the editable version and used the explanation pages to make our own easily-accessible grammar guide for KS3.

T Lemon, Director of Learning for MFL and Customer

This is a useful resource that covers all the main grammar topics you would expect in KS3. It brings materials together in one place rather than the variety of resources most teachers have for teaching grammar. I particularly liked the clear grammar explanations that were provided for each topic. In many resources, these can be babyish or patronising, but these weren't. They are challenging and make use of grammatical terminology. This could enhance learning in many ways- it would be an excellent way to reinforce learning after a grammar point has been taught in class. Students could complete the worksheets in lessons or as homework. It could also be given to more able students so that they can work independently from it. It would also make an excellent revision resource for weaker GCSE students.

M Bitchnell, HoD and Peer Reviewer

KS3 pupils will only need to get better at grammar with the new GCSE courses they will have to take afterwards. Resources like this are definitely needed, since most of what is currently available is rather outdated. All of the necessary grammar for KS3 is covered comprehensively in this resource. I like the way that each grammar point is usually matched to a particular topic. I also liked the puzzles, particularly the cryptograms!

I Coleman, Teacher and Peer Reviewer