AS Level AQA History Teaching Pack, Option 2H: France in Revolution, 1774–1795

  • Detailed lesson plans, including relevant starters, plenaries and main tasks
  • Engaging student notes for every lesson. Fully illustrated with clear learning aims
  • Imaginative and innovative exam-relevant activities for every lesson

Lead your students to success with this teaching pack, featuring: schemes of work, lesson plans, student-friendly notes and engaging activities to cover every aspect of the 2015 AS specification.

Everything you need…

  • Complete notes with full coverage of the new specification
  • Regular & varied activities engage students with different learning styles to consolidate learning
  • Recap questions ensure students retain key information
  • Exam-style activities focus on key exam skills, including source skills
  • Packed full of illustrations, tables, and sources so your students never lose interest
  • Key terms defined throughout

…Planned out for you!

  • Lesson plans, including starters and plenaries
  • Ready-made worksheets support extension tasks – answers provided
  • Clear scheme of work so you can be sure the specification is covered

What do teachers say about this resource? (6115)

On the whole I liked this resource.There was a good use of bullet points/side headings egp6,and I liked the boxes for definitions eg p6/7. Also sound use of illustrations eg p7 and tables eg p15. I particularly liked the above and also references to websites eg p24 and use of bold type to make points stand out.Additionally parts could be used for IGCSE French Revolution for which there is no text book. It enhances learning by providing a useful mix of content and activities based on it.Its educational value would be particularly to provide new,uncertain teachers with the basis for covering the course,from which they can branch out as they become more confident,thus also instilling confidence in students. The presentation/layout were sound-not patronising but also not overly complicated,so weaker students will not be intimidated. It matches the spec very well.There are no glaring omissions,and it interprets it in a clear rather than a challenging manner.

L Ashley, HoD & Peer Reviewer