Topical Articles with Exercises

for AS and A Level French

Topics matched to 2016 specifications – ready to use now!

Up-to-date articles are based around relevant issues in target-language countries, and each one is accompanied by a range of activities. Written by native speakers, these authentic texts will stretch your students while testing the skills needed for AS or A Level in a modern-day context.

I like the fact that each unit covers a variety of A Level skills

H Hardy, French Teacher and Peer Reviewer

  • Topical and often challenging issues make texts relevant and thought-provoking, offering ample opportunity for debate.
  • All articles based on topics from new AS or A Level specifications
  • Each text accompanied by vocabulary, comprehension, language, translation, writing and discussion exercises – all matched to AS or A Level.
  • Full answers provided for easy teacher-, peer- or self-marking.
Articles include: Une histoire de jupe ; Nabilla Benattia ; Stromae ; Concours de la meilleure baguette ; Du motel à l’art ; Le chômage des jeunes ; La quenelle de Dieudonné ; Christian Louboutin ; PACS ; Inégalités Hommes-Femmes ; Être ou ne pas être Charlie Hebdo ; Étudier en France ; Adoption homoparentale ; Se loger quand on est étudiant ; Controverse au festival de Cannes and more!

Topical Articles for Spanish are available here.

Topical Articles for German are available here.

What do teachers say about this resource? (8544)

Thank you for creating this well-thought resource. This resource will contribute to prepare A Level students for the Reading, Listening, Translation paper. I like that fact that each unit covers a variety of A Level skills. Each step is well thought out and enables students to get ready for the following step. This resource provides scaffolding with rising difficulty for the tasks. Moreover, the grammar boxes are very useful to remind students of grammar rules before starting to translate.

H Hardy, French Teacher and Peer Reviewer

This is a practical resource for working on together in class or for pupils to work on independently, either as homework, revision or as work set when the teacher is absent. It covers a range of topics and has a good variety of activities which will all be useful for the A Level exam. The language in the articles is of an appropriate level of challenge, particularly for pupils in their second year of the A Level course. It certainly meets its aims of building up vocabulary and strengthening their ability to understand French texts.

J Briden, Head of French and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6112)

The resource uses modern language which is relevant to young people. Grammatical concepts such as the use of the subjunctive and the passive voice are also included. I particularly liked the variety of topics (celebrities, the world of work, education, current affairs, etc) and the fact that the articles cover up-to-date news.

F Levett, French Teacher and Peer Reviewer