A Level AQA Business Course Companions

Your essential business partner!

Guide your students through the 2015 specification to exam success. With full spec coverage, these comprehensive course notes encourage a thoughtful approach to business and an understanding of the way businesses behave.

Carefully selected and original case studies engage students in analysis of a wide range of business contexts from Poundland to Pandora.
  • Make theory relevant and accessible
  • Perfect exam practice!

Build and Apply Knowledge

  • Student-friendly notes with clear learning objectives to ensure structure and focus
  • Graphs and diagrams illuminate core business concepts – supporting visual learners and developing quantitative skills
  • Questions for every topic to reinforce learning in preparation for exams! Answers included – great in class or as homework
  • Key terms defined throughout, plus a complete glossary

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6259,6260,6261,6262,6263,6264)

IT IS BRILLIANT. Style of writing is very clear and fluent and student friendly. Easy to read. I like it! ... Like the scaffolded question gaps on page 17. Clever! ... Best ever summary of stakeholders. Good one!

F Beran, Business Teacher & Independent Reviewer

It’s a very good resource since it includes a lot of information for the course with some questions which mainly deal with the basics. In addition is well presented and it is a useful tool for the teacher and student, enriching the knowledge of the students... It definitely enhances learning since it provides a small but concrete coverage of the material with emphasis on terminology and hands on some basic ideas with the use of problems and questions. It certainly helps students to understand the basics and thus it has a good educational value.

J Landrakis, Business Teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6266)

Like - case studies are recent and would appeal to the students. Rationale of the theory, case study, question is pertinent to what the students are introduced in class... Content is very relevant to the sections of the 7131 (second year) aspect of the business course... I like the fact newer and more current news headlines are being used, such as Galaxy Samsung S7 - makes this more recent for the students.

L Price, Business Teacher & Independent Reviewer

'I liked that the specification is fully detailed within here, with questions provided for the reader to undertake. I like that the resource also provides extended questions to develop learning even further. The resource clearly allows for the reader to improve their understanding of the topics whilst helping them to build upon the required skills to achieve the higher levels of the mark scheme. I also like the fact the resource provides answers which, as a teacher will aid in time... the practice activities allow students to develop their skills in application, analysis and evaluation. As a result it will help them to achieve higher levels of the mark scheme... It is in my opinion that this resource covers the 3.8 section of the specification fully, covering all topics to a high level, providing the reader with the opportunity to build upon their understanding of this section of the specification.' – J Harrison, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6265)

Very much like a mini textbook, with a few questions thrown in... The resource allows students to fully understand the basics of ratio analysis and investment appraisal through worked examples... good explanations and how to do the calculations... I liked the use of examples for SWOT... I like the steps diagram on p17 and there was a good diagram on the limitations of ratio analysis... P41 – Like the Age / population chart and analysis from it. P49 – Useful on technological change. P56 – Payback – good simple guide to calculating. P59 – Good explanation and example of ARR... There were some useful activities, particularly the investment appraisal questions... I liked the exam tips/A grade material.

J Conway, Teacher of Business Studies & Independent Reviewer