A Level AQA Sociology Keyword Activities (2015 Specification)

These stimulating topic-by-topic activities ensure students get to grips with the essential terminology in the new AQA specification.

Each specification bullet point is covered by an inclusive set of keywords supporting areas from theories & theorists to social groups & social trends.

Each set is organised into five different activities:

Comprehensive in the coverage of terms and concepts A Miller, Teacher & Independent Reviewer
  1. Crosswords
  2. Match-up
  3. Fill-in-the-blanks
  4. Dominoes
  5. Bingo cards

Plus! A jumbo A3 revision crossword

  • Varied and engaging activities build confidence and familiarity with need-to-know terms
  • Student-friendly definitions make complex terms accessible to all
  • Flexible, ready-to-use worksheets for classwork or homeworks – great for individuals and groups
  • Answers included – perfect for revision and self-assessment!

What do teachers say about this resource? (6032)

The crossword is suitably challenging for the range of grades awarded at A Level. i like the depth of definitions and substantive links to theory needed. Thorough on Theories and AQA topics from 2015. Covered very well. This would be very useful in the classroom as the students that are in A Level classes are very mixed ability.

P Robinson, Customer