Structured Cover Lessons for GCSE AQA Spanish

13 lessons covering every topic on the GCSE AQA specification – so you’ll always have a cover lesson on content students are currently studying

Fully stand-alone structured tasks with clear progression from one task to the next: ❶ Vocab ❷ Reading ❸ Writing ❹ Creative task. With extension “challenges” throughout to ensure even the quickest students have enough work to keep them busy for the whole lesson.

Separate Foundation and Higher worksheets so you can select the most appropriate tasks for your class.

  • Clear instructions for students
  • Fully stand-alone – no need for a specialist teacher
  • Includes answers for easy peer- or self-marking
This is excellent for use in the classroom and not just as a source for cover teachers. The exercises are progressive and start well with all the necessary vocabulary. J Parker, Assistant Director of Modern Languages & Independent Reviewer