A Level Edexcel History Teaching Packs (2015 specification)

Route E: Communist states in the twentieth century

Lead your students to exam success with this complete teaching pack, featuring: a detailed scheme of work, comprehensive lesson plans, student-friendly notes and engaging activities to cover every aspect of the new 2015 specification.

Lots of activities to cement exam technique and historical thinking

J King, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Everything you need…

  • Complete and comprehensive notes with full coverage of the new specification
  • Regular and varied activities engage students with different learning styles to consolidate learning
  • Recap questions ensure students retain key information
  • Exam-style activities focus on key exam skills, including source skills
  • Packed full of illustrations, tables, sources and diagrams so your students never lose interest
  • Key terms defined throughout

…Planned out for you!

  • Detailed lesson plans, including starters and plenaries
  • Ready-made worksheets support extension tasks – answers provided
  • Clear scheme of work so you can be sure the specification is covered

A one-stop resource for teachers

J King, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5952)

I like the level of detail it goes into as I think this is appropriate for A-level and the use of a number of information boxes to be able to help students/teachers with definitions and key concepts. I think this is a good resource as it is a comprehensive guide to Mao's China.

S Boyd, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I liked it. Well presented in file with clear contents, useful dividers, and chronology, not to mention the outline scheme of work.
It stayed very close to the spec and the accompanying slide presentation was an added bonus. Timings and bibliography useful – not just a rehash of the spec ones.
Useful to me as I teach a variety of syllabi so it saves reinventing the wheel. Much material helpful to students for revision.
It is better than other resources because it is so thorough and comes up with a variety of lesson plans. Most just focus on revision.
Variety of activities provided and helpful revision section.
It matches the spec perfectly.

L Ashley, HoD & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5951)

This resource looks good and is full of the information learners need to get through the topic. It's engaging and has lots of activities to cement exam technique and historical thinking. This is a one-stop resource for teachers to use as a basis to build on for the topic. The activities are relevant and as good as the knowledge-based content, which can be rare in these types of resources. The assessment activities are well focused on the content and there is a good mix of quizzes to check for recall of facts and events as well as exam-type questions. There are plenty of links as well to encourage learners to step into independent learning. The lessons are divided into sections that allow teachers to use each section for a lesson or part lesson.

J King, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This is a strong resource and certainly incredibly useful to any teacher and student of the topic. In particular for those new to the topic as a teacher it provides some strong aspects... Very strong revision tool to understand key content and remind pupils of analysis to consider for each section. Good overall guidance for teachers to ensure that discussion and analysis is central to the learning. A very strong resource. I would recommend.

J Cooper, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The division into lessons is useful and the mix of questions and summary tasks are a good feature of this resource. The opportunities for analysis and discussion helps develop these essential skills at AS level and these are woven quite nicely into the resource within each section. The resource can be used both in class or as set tasks for homework/revision. The resource matches the specification well and covers all aspects that the student would need to aid their success in this unit.

N Ashworth, Teacher & Peer Reviewer