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A Level Edexcel History Research Grids (2015 specification)

Route B: Religion and the state in early modern Europe

A brilliant idea designed to support weaker students. Students have to read their notes to complete a grid of questions in exact specification order. Cross-referenced to ZigZag's Teaching Packs to ensure a structured reading of the text.

A godsend for those students who find learning difficult and motivational for the less willing. Leads to active learning, identification of key points and the structuring of information.

  • The structured method of research grids is of great value to students, especially if they find it difficult to absorb all the information in class
  • Double your teaching time – set each grid as homework and you can be sure they know the content before the next lesson
  • Fill in the gaps to ensure the whole specification is covered!

Praise for other Research Grids in this range
"The question grids are straightforward and will supplement any textbook, and could be used for more than just this module. Direct questions focus the answers, separate sections and questions for themes, inclusion of different levels of questions for different abilities, and the answers are clear for teachers (especially new teachers to this module). Yes, it is incredibly useful and has already helped me for next year! - S Medhurst, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"It provides students with a good overview of the key issues involved and the questions specifically focus on relevant issues to the specification. I like the format as it does reward knowledge and it very clearly signposts for the student's basic issues. - D Edwards, Teacher and Independent Reviewer