A Level Edexcel History Teaching Packs (2015 specification)

Route G: Nationalism, dictatorship and democracy in 20th century Europe

Lead your students to exam success with this complete teaching pack, featuring: a detailed scheme of work, comprehensive lesson plans, student-friendly notes and engaging activities to cover every aspect of the new 2015 specification.

Excellent direct teaching resource for preparing lessons

D Edwards, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Everything you need…

  • Complete and comprehensive notes with full coverage of the new specification
  • Regular and varied activities engage students with different learning styles to consolidate learning
  • Recap questions ensure students retain key information
  • Exam-style activities focus on key exam skills, including source skills
  • Packed full of illustrations, tables, sources and diagrams so your students never lose interest
  • Key terms defined throughout

Very detailed and well organised

S Dryden, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

…Planned out for you!

  • Detailed lesson plans, including starters and plenaries
  • Ready-made worksheets support extension tasks – answers provided
  • Clear scheme of work so you can be sure the specification is covered

The reading sections broke down the key topics well and were more accessible and succinct than some of the set texts for this course

R Hensman, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5957)

There are a lot of good things to say about this resource. [This resource] compliments [the teaching pack] very well. The resource can be used as a basis for every lesson. This resource is a solid foundation for learning and is very fit for its intended purpose. I like that each set of reading is part of a self-contained unit that fits well with the accompanying research grids. Ease of use is clearly at the forefront and planning time could be dramatically reduced using this. The reading materials are very well laid out with enough pictures to keep learners interested. The quick questions are an easy and convenient way to check for learning and the activities are very interesting at times. For a tired teacher with lots of planning to do, this resource can help buy back some all-important time! This resource makes a lot more sense than the official textbooks which tend to jump around topics. This is in a logical and coherent order and has a sound structure which should avoid confusion for the students. I like the focus points at the top of the pages, the key terms are clear, student’s can check their knowledge easily with the questions provided. Paired with the research grids, this is most certainly a good resource which would enhance learning. Presentation and layout are good. Key terms are unmissable, the structure is great and far superior to some of the exam board resources. Even the activities are laid out very well. Having looked through the resource alongside the specification it is clear that all of the specification points are covered. This is the best resource of this type that I have reviewed on the site.

J King, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I liked this resource, [it] could be used for similar AQA unit. Professionally presented and thorough covering the spec in order.Variety/imagination provided with an acronym quiz, some reference to historiography, useful stats, dominoes, story board, true or false, history theatre, newspaper headlines, and helpful side headings in text. I particularly liked the clear contents, and the
author is someone who’s work I know so I can feel confident. Also I like the separation of answers and lesson plans giving timings/aims. Good variety of activities e.g. naughts and crosses game, quizzes, teach the teacher and research, quizmasters. This should enhance learning by making new teachers feel more confident which will inspire students and provide variety for those teachers entrenched in their ways! E.g. useful definitions/artist’s easel/who am I/tweet/nag-a-ram/hangman and multiple choice. Its educational value is partly to provide concise text particularly helpful for revision and those panicking before the exam. I thought the presentation/layout was well suited to purpose with text being broken up by visuals/questions and nowhere looking too daunting for the less able. It matches the spec very well following the bullet points pretty much to the letter and interprets the spec conscientiously.Teacher’s introduction helpful in this respect.

L Ashley, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Really useful! Follows the specification in order. It enables my students to really get to grips with the topic. It also makes for good homework activities. It's good value for money and will help students to access the topics fully.

A-M Yates HoD & Peer Reviewer

I thought the resource is very detailed and well organised. It flows very well in accordance to the new Edexcel scheme of work, and has a variety of activities that would lead to active learning. The learning focus of each lesson means it's easy for a teacher and student to follow... In particular I like the use of team work and collaboration in the lesson plans, the focus on essay questions and planning activities for these. [I like] the idea to use a glossary that is added to throughout the course, tables of statistics, which I think are very important to students so they have a visual of what parliamentary figures etc. look like... I feel this resource enhances learning by using active starters and plenaries that incorporate collaboration. The education value of this resource is its simple structure that helps gain an overall understanding of the period required, it's accessible and gives a thorough programme that relates to the specification... The layout of the resource is good, as it flows lesson by lesson and as mentioned relates closely to the Edexcel exam specification... Yes I would [purchase this], it would be the basis for my scheme of work and very helpful for other teachers in my department.

S Dryden, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

An excellent direct teaching resource or aid to the teacher in terms of preparing lessons. Good activities. Well thought out... The information is succinct and useful.

D Edwards, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5881)

I liked this unit... It will be very useful.

Interprets [the specification] accurately.

I like the quick questions.

L Ashley, Head of History & Peer Reviewer

This is a well made resource which is laid out in such a way that the political developments are taught chronologically with a later requirement to back track in time to look at the later topics thematically. This is a nice mix of teaching for Edexcel as the politics is early in the course when too much jumping around in the timeline can cause confusion. As it is necessary for students to understand both the chronological order of things as well as the underlying themes this is a good approach. Thumbs up. A student using this resource could be confident in covering all of the specification.... Nice, concise and accessible.

J King, Lecturer & Peer Reviewer

I liked the balance between detailed reading and ‘fun’ classroom activities. The reading sections broke down the key topics well and were more accessible and succinct than some of the set texts for this course. The text boxes with key vocabulary are generally well-placed and help to introduce key terms at the right time... This resource enhances learning by enabling students to study this course in an accessible format that is not too ‘note heavy’ and does not lose sight of the human element to the events under discussion. It is a useful antidote to A Level teaching that can be overly led by weighty readings and teaching purely ‘to the exam’. It is an inclusive resource that will not alienate weaker learners.

R Hensman, Teacher & Peer Reviewer