A Level Edexcel Paper 3 Research Context Digital Resource Pack

Paper 3 2023: Topic TBC

Give structure to the research context!

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  • Students can log in from home
  • You can set tasks & reading as homework
  • Track their progress
  • Printable

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It’s concise & you can see the wood for the trees

R West, HoD & Customer

Puts the concepts into the context

C Wilkinson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Essential theory and concepts explained
  • Every point of the context fully explored and linked to the specification
  • Structured research tasks enable independent learning

Helps students to develop independence as well as providing assessment opportunities

A Caldwell, Head of Economics, Customer


  • Mini case studies put the information into context
  • Handouts and worksheets add flexible ways to tackle each section
  • Detailed case studies give them a springboard for further research and practice for the exam
  • Three practice papers with mark schemes

Save a lot of teacher planning and research time

S Johnson, Head of School for Business, Peer Reviewer

All specifically written for the Edexcel 2023 Paper 3 Context!

Visual, ICT resource based which makes it interactive and very accessible... Affordable... time-saving genius

S Belk, Teacher & Customer

Brilliant. I purchased two others but ZigZag’s was the best!

E Parfitt, HoD & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11077, 11078)

This is a very impressive resource. It can be used in class to provide a lot of breakdown into the case study. Exam papers follow the format of previous papers and offer appropriate challenge.

I like the comprehensive nature of the document. Mark schemes are helpful alongside the papers.

The resource provides extensive material to enhance student knowledge of the case study. Exam questions can be used flexibly. Mark schemes are student friendly on the whole.

As a former teacher of this course, I think the material is very appropriate for the exam paper. Lots of stimulus material alongside assessment material.

D Holland, Head of faculty & Peer Reviewer

Very useful as students can work at their own pace.

I found the feedback on how they had progressed through the topic excellent and was able to congratulate that student on having completed 50% of the resource.

I particularly like this resource because...
The monitoring of student progress

Helps the students to gain more confidence in this topic area.

Helps me as I have little knowledge of the sports industry.

Well researched and delivered on time.

G Kendall, Teacher & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8976, 8977)

Very useful... User friendly and easy to use as a lesson with little preparation, so saves time... Useful prep for the P3 exam... It’s concise and you ‘can see the wood for the trees’... Good value for money and saves a huge amount of time

R West, HoD & Customer

Easy to use to support the delivery and research of the holiday industry... presentation of key data linking to the bullet points is useful, appropriate and easy to interpret... The data is very useful especially where it relates directly to the bullet points e.g. influences on consumers. Liked the BVA BDRC presentations of data... Liked the emerging economies table task and the Porters 5 Forces task... The structure of the tasks scaffolds learning to make students approach to the research project logical and synoptic. The practice paper questions papers mirror the actual exam and will be of good educational value to effectively prepare students with what to expect.

S Johnson, HoD & Peer Reviewer

The information and case studies within the document are useful and provide some good context to give students a platform to begin their research, particularly the information about staycations and space travel.

R Lamb, Subject Leader & Peer Reviewer

Brilliant. I purchased two others but ZigZag’s was the best!

E Parfitt, HoD & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5860, 5861)

The case studies and more in-depth questions towards the end of the pack are good as it encourages the students to practice exam style questions... I like the fact that you have interspersed the text and data with both short answer and longer answer questions. This helps break up the text. The use of a profit and loss account and balance sheet is useful as are the case studies towards the end... it revisits specific areas of the specification and puts the concepts into the context of the health and fitness industry. The educational value of the resources is having greater understanding of the health and fitness industry and learning how to answer exam style questions... It looks as though it can be 'managed' by students because the document is broken up into sections.

C Wilkinson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Useful, useable worksheets and practice exam papers. It contains all that would what I would expect in a resource of this nature, theory, practical tasks/research for students and assessment materials... The research information is relevant and up to date... Clear and accurate definitions and subject areas covered match to the Edexcel specification... Lots of relevant examples given in the text and case studies... Summary grids/worksheets are extremely useful for student to summarise and organise their research... it provides a summary of key theory and useful questions and worksheet to structure their independent research. Secondly it allows for them to practice exam style questions and includes mark schemes that well match the edexcel mark schemes but are re-written in student friendly terminology... I like the use of tables to summarise advantages and disadvantages as this breaks up the text and draws focus to the information. Also the timeline and other visual stimulus make the reading of the document easy to access... It is useful to have the printable write on exam paper for the students and the summary non write on paper for the teachers. The mark scheme is thorough and matches edexcel descriptors... This resource would save a lot of teacher planning and research time especially as the theme changes each series. We always purchase a pre-release toolkit to aid students with research. This one contains what I would expect with good coverage of the specification and assessment materials and in class/homework tasks for the students.

S Johnson, Head of School for Business, Peer Reviewer