OCR AS: Case Study Support Packs

Help your students to really get to know their cases, understand the significance of each and link them to the AS specification.

  1. Listed alphabetically, with details, outcomes & significance, cross-referenced to the OCR AS topics.
  2. ‘Learning grid’ style activities for each topic, where students fill in the outcome & significance of each case.
  3. Match-up activity to support weaker learners – students match each case to its significance.
  4. Cards provided on CD-ROM – ideal for revision games.
  • A ready-made reference list for OCR AS Law
  • ‘At a glance’, clear, concise summaries, making cases easier to recall in an exam
  • Promotes active learning & supports weaker learners through structured activities
What do teachers have to say about these resources? (5791 and 5792)
'Excellent resource very wind ranging in its knowledge and could be used in many ways.'
'This resource is very useful and will help the students learn and remember key cases and acts which will substantially improve their grades. I particularly liked the flash cards which are a great tool for revision. The tables allow students to interpret the cases in a way which they understand.

I would definitely purchase this resource and will recommend it to my colleagues.' –   A Hepple, teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5791,5792)

Brilliant - an excellent resource to combine the key cases that students need to know for the whole AS course. Students can use the cases to bring all of their learning together and is ideal to learn the facts of the cases… this resource really is different to others offered on the market. My students love the table format and would really appreciate it when it came to exam revision time - J Whatford, Teacher and Independent Reviewer