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KS3 Teaching Pack for Geographical Skills

Skill specific schemes of work designed specifically for the new 2014 Curriculum.

12 Mapping Lessons – 8 ICT Lessons – 5 Fieldwork Lessons

Engaging and well-thought-out schemes, designed around specified skills. Ease your planning and cultivate pupils’ love for Geography!

Simplify your planning, preparation and marking: structured lesson plans, all resources and answers provided. A variety of resources that enables a teacher to cover a full range of geographical skills with nothing more than an atlas, the Internet and the resources within this pack.

  • Varied Activities
  • Clear objectives and learning outcomes
  • Specific lessons targeting mapping, ICT and fieldwork
  • Accessible worksheets with innovative activities to tackle each topic
  • Accompanying PowerPoint presentations and Excel files with guidance on when to use

Lessons can be taught as a complete structured scheme but can also stand-alone, so perhaps more beneficially, can be interspersed among different geographical themes during the key stage.

The final lesson in each set is a summative assessment that can be used to test the skills gained in the previous lessons, if done as a scheme.

Superb - ICT and clear geographical skills that can be included into each unit of study. C Stevenson, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer