A Level Edexcel Business Starters and Plenaries

Inject pace into your Business lessons with these packs of 30 pick-up-and-teach starter and plenary activities per Theme – specifically designed for the 2015 specification.

This resource is excellent for introducing new concepts to students in a very accessible way.

R Jones, Teacher and Customer

Write-on in-class activities complete with teacher's notes and instructions to consolidate and extend learning for the next generation of business analysts!

  • Ideal blend of individual, paired, small-group and whole-class activities
  • Engaging activities appeal to and motivate different learning styles!
  • All answers provided - great for AfL and speedy peer-assessment

Enrich teaching of new concepts and evaluate whether students have understood

J Landrakis, Examiner & Peer Reviewer
Activities include: Mind maps; Match-up; Data-response questions; Label the graph; Fill in the flow chart and more!

What do teachers say about this resource? (6649)

An excellent resource to use at the beginning of a lesson to reinforce key concepts that have been learnt or for revision. These resources are simple and user friendly which is crucial for busy teachers. They are particularly useful for quantitative skills which can be a challenge for some business students. These resources help to give students much needed practice to improve their quantitative and analytical skills in Business Studies

I particularly liked this resource for a few reasons. It is very good for reinforcing students quantitative skills. This section of the course: 'managing business activities' is very heavy on calculations and ratios and it is important that students master these skills. It is a useful tool for differentiation. As the tasks usually get more difficult as the worksheet progresses, this allows the weaker students time to master the basic skills that are required, but also allows stronger students to move on to more challenging tasks. The resource also allows students to apply their knowledge in context and it closely follows the Edexcel Business Studies A Level syllabus.

This resource gives students the chance to practice the skills and knowledge that they have learnt in class. It enables them to reinforce the key concepts and principles that they have been learning about. They can also be used to introduce key topics that might appear complex in a textbook. The worksheets are user friendly and clear and concise, allowing students to focus on one or two clear syllabus objectives. This reduces the chance of cognitive overload and helps weaker students to master key business concepts.

This resource breaks down key business terms and concepts and gives students valuable practice in mastering these key principles. It is a useful differentiation tool as it allows weaker students to understand key concepts before moving on to more complex scenarios. This resource helps save busy teachers time and they can be used as starters, revision or homework tasks to reinforce learning.

R Jones, Teacher & Customer

Perfectly matches the specific Edexcel theme, and it can be used for Cambridge, AQA, OCR and IB...these starter and plenary activities provide a good supporting tool for teachers to enrich their teaching of new concepts and evaluate whether students have understood... value for money.

J Landrakis, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5727)

This resource is excellent for introducing new concepts to students in a very accessible way. Often, as teachers - we know, textbooks can be very bland in their introduction of key course concepts. This Starters and Plenaries resource helps to present new material in small steps and gives students practice after each step. This helps to highlight the key course concepts that teachers want students to master.

It is great for presenting new material to students in small steps to allow them to master key course concepts. It can also be used as a differentiation tool. This resource can also be used as a revision tool, set for homework tasks or as a guide for student practice.

These starters help to break down complex concepts into more manageable chunks for students who may struggling with specific content.. Teachers can begin their lesson with a short review of previous learning which has been shown in educational research to strengthen previous learning and lead to better retention of information for students.

This resource has many benefits for teachers: It can save teachers valuable time by giving them an engaging and effective way to introduce new material that is accessible to all their students. This resource can also be used to review previous learning which can help to strengthen student retention of information. These starters allow teachers to present new information in small amounts and then give students practice after each step helping them to master key course material. This provides students with temporary supports and scaffold which help to support them with more difficult tasks.

R Jones, Teacher and Customer

Useful to consolidate learning and handy to have a resources where you have a series of useful starter and plenary activities which can take time to plan yourself. I particularly liked that each starter or plenary is linked to the topics covered in the specification. I also liked that the suggested answers are included at the back of the resource.

R Brooke, Head of Business & Peer Reviewer