BTEC First 2013 Media Revision Guides

Dynamically presented revision guides for BTEC Units 1 and Unit 8. All the key information needed for the exams in bite-size chunks, with revision tasks to consolidate understanding.

Concise single-page overviews covering every specification topic, including:

  • Revise it – snappy bullets and table summaries for maximum retention!
  • Test it – vitally exposes students to exam-style questions
  • Clear answers for every question
  • Key Words and Concept Map activities help students identify terms and get an overview of topics
  • Practice Questions worksheets for last-minute exam practice
  • Provided as A4 sheets and A5 booklet

What do teachers say about this resource? (5712)

'Incredibly useful for learners to revise for their exam. It could be used as an independent learning resource and/or extension tasks. It is detailed and generally laid out well with a variety of tasks... The Revise Wise Cycle is useful, as is the revision tracker... There is a good use of previous/example exam questions, more of this would be useful... The practice exam at the end is useful and the resource is well detailed. It should encourage the learner to learn and be used by them prior to the exam.' – R Heyes, Media Tutor, Independent Reviewer

'This resource is of really high quality because for one main reason - it is accessible; a vital aspect considering the target learner demographic of moderate to less able students who opt for BTEC and generally find literacy more challenging... thoughtfully laid out, being easy to navigate and containing useful graphics such as boxes and arrows that draw the readers’ attention to what are key concepts, which is often a problem with the BTEC students – discriminating between significant and less important information... Layout for a BTEC learner is not a pleasant addition – it is vital in the learning process. Key facts are highlighted and there are excellent concept maps to aid the learner in understanding the big picture. The key word bank was another useful method which allows the revising student to build up their mastery of important technical terms. Although aimed at learners of limited ability, the resource does not dumb down in any way, and does contain some fairly challenging concepts such as encoding, mise-en-scene and convergence... This will be a vital tool in keeping learners on track in the vital run up to the examination – the student can work steadily through each chapter and fill in the excellent revision trackers, seeing where their knowledge gaps are and filling these in with extra work... The resource uses CARP design principles very effectively, namely contrast, alignment, repetition and proximity. The fonts are clear and useful graphics inform and direct the reader to the key terms, key facts and concepts... The specification has clearly been used in the construction of the architecture of the resource from the very beginning to the last page... there is no irrelevance and every page is tightly focused on key concepts and ideas from the specification... it will prove to be a vital component in keeping the learners on track to the last lessons in May.' – J Stenner, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer