A Level AQA Philosophy Course Companions

Concise yet comprehensive coverage of the 2014 specification. Accessible explanations of the arguments – helping students engage with challenging anthology texts. Focus on ‘doing philosophy’, with concise breakdown and analysis of the arguments.

Thorough and engaging… A valuable resource for AQA Philosophy because it clearly emphasises the texts and the importance of argument structure. M Bee, Philosophy Teacher & Independent Reviewer
  • Starter activities to get students thinking immediately
  • Activities and discussion questions throughout – lots of options for engaging students in the material!
  • Quick quizzes – a fun and easy way to remember key facts for the exam
  • Photocopy and give out to students, either as a complete course booklet or individual handouts
  • Key terms explained throughout – ideal for the new-style exam questions
  • Answers included

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6270)

The resource is clear with each topic including the basic arguments, key terms, and possible objections. Each section of the argument and each objection is clearly numbered, making it easy to follow. I also like the revision questions at the end of each section, with responses provided so that students can check their own learning. while other resources provide a range of arguments and extension material which helps develop general argumentation, this resource lays out the basics that the students must learn for the examination. I am delighted and intend to purchase the new exam preparation guides for the A2 course." K Stephens, Philosophy Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Incredibly comprehensive... I really enjoyed this resource; it is quite possibly the most comprehensive one that I have read to date. It matches and interprets the specification well, covering all relevant topics and their strengths and weaknesses, as well as relevant critical thinkers. It also greatly enhances learning with activities and quizzes... It covered all the relevant syllabus topics, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. The activities and quizzes had very stimulating questions, and the answers at the end of the resource means that students can check their work. The illustrations gave the guide more colour, and the appendixes at the end of the resource were very thorough and comprehensive... It covers all topics that students will need to know for the exam; including all key concepts and their strengths and weaknesses. The activities help readers to think critically about the topic and have very thought-provoking questions. The quizzes also test readers’ knowledge, and the answers are at the very back of the resource, meaning that students can check their own work. The illustrations and quotes help to illustrate the important points; these are likely to help visual learners. Finally, the glossary covers all the important terminology that pupils will need to include in their exam scripts so as to get the higher marks... The sentences typically contain two points each, making them very easy to understand. This particular writing style makes the content flow as a whole... This study guide matches the specification and interprets it very well. The resource covers all the relevant topics and gets students to think critically about how to assess them; students will need to do this in order to properly answer the exam questions." – M Ball, Tutor & Independent Reviewer

A very good resource. It is better than the set textbook (approved by AQA) written by Michael Lacewing. It is more appealing to and accessible for students. I liked the activities, the glossary and the layout. It included some good visual imagery for those students who are visual learners." – K Parham, Lecturer in Philosophy & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6269)

It covers everything on the specification and more... It is an excellent resource, better than the recommended textbook by Michael Lacewing... I liked the material covered, how it is presented and the activities. Some referencing to AS Philosophy to jog students’ memory which is good." – Dr K Parham, Lecturer & Independent Reviewer