Reading and Writing Non-fiction at KS3: Differentiated Activity Pack

A thoughtful balance of original and real-life non-fiction extracts accompanied by practical notes and comprehensive activities. Develop your students’ skills in:

I was impressed at how well this was tailored to the different tiers of learning

Penglais English Department
  • language analysis
  • inference
  • structural and form techniques
  • written communication
  • close reading
  • style and purpose
  • writing to create effects
  • spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • extended vocabulary

All key purposes of non-fiction are covered using interesting topics to engage students with the reading and writing tasks.

The strength of this resource is its flexibility: it is fully differentiated and therefore suitable for use with Year 7 weaker students through to Year 9 more able students.

An incredibly useful resource with endless possibilities

P Town, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

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An incredibly useful resource with endless possibilities. I like the way the resource is organised into text type and also the similarities between the different sections. What is also fantastic is that the texts are current, accessible and enjoyable to work with. It develops core skills of comprehension, inference and writing about language, structure and form and the effects which are essential for any learner regardless of curriculum content. It is also useful for cover work. This resource is almost future-proof!

P Town, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I really liked the resource. It has links between KS3 and KS4, and there are plenty of examples that the students can work their way through. Good for both students and teachers, the work is differentiated already, which is very useful.

R Smart, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I was impressed at how well this was tailored to the different tiers of learning. I liked the way GCSE was referenced regularly, allowing the students to see the value of the skills and preparing them adequately. The range of texts for studying and practice is nice and broad and easy to engage with.

Penglais English Department

A welcome addition to any English department. It meets the new curriculum demands well at various ability levels. There is a wide range of texts included from various sources which will benefit students. The tasks are clearly differentiated and allow the class to discuss the texts as a group. They are appropriately pitched which allows all students to make progress.

K Greaves, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It was comprehensive, especially in its differentiation. Very creative too! The questions and tasks are thoughtful and require learners to engage their critical faculties. I like the fact that it has the differentiated activities that groups could be working on in the same class. This is definitely the highlight for me.

A Baiden, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This is a nice resource that would be helpful in accompanying a scheme of work or perhaps used as homework or cover lessons. The differentiation that is supplied here is definitely the strength of the resource.

E Gasan, Teacher & Peer Reviewer