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Our Day Out Activity Pack for KS3

Engage your students in drama with this activity pack for Willy Russell’s appealing play, Our Day Out. Flexible and varied, the resource brings the play to life with a range of stimulating activities that take an active approach to exploring the text.

The resource is split into: ❶ pre-reading material with activities, ❷ 13 ‘in-detail’ sections focusing on one or more scenes and ❸ post-reading tasks. Each in-detail section includes:

  1. A ‘check-in’ exercise to remind pupils of main events and encourage speculation – perfect as a lesson starter!
  2. Quotation tasks that encourage familiarity with characters and language
  3. A variety of thought-provoking activities including reading, writing, speaking and listening, drama and creative tasks that clearly link to the curriculum

Caters to your whole class:

  • Short, student-friendly scene summaries can be used alongside the activities where needed
  • Extension activities, essay guidance and independent learning prompts challenge more able pupils

Suitable for KS3 or a lower-ability GCSE class, you can use this resource as a complete scheme for teaching the play, or pull out individual worksheets as needed.

A fantastically produced resource... Will undoubtedly make the life of the teacher easier... The resource links to a wide variety of skills – reading comprehension, inference, creative writing, media, drama, spoken language and historical and contextual study... I think this resource is excellent. P Town, Head of KS3 English & Independent Reviewer