AQA Unit 1: Section B Topics: The Criminal Courts and Lay People Activity Pack

41 starters 7 plenaries 6 research tasks
14 handouts on key aspects of The Criminal Courts and Lay People

Activities include: Definitions • Cases and scenarios • Comprehension questions • Match-up • Anagrams • Pictionary • Crosswords • Pair/group work • Class discussion • Gap-fill

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Superb collection of starters, plenaries and research tasks to supplement your class teaching. Supported by additional handouts for each aspect of the topic. Answers provided.

  • Activities are clearly indexed and ready to use so you can easily pull out activities for the topic you are teaching.
  • Designed to encourage active learning
  • Comprehensive coverage of the The Criminal Courts and Lay People topic, with all key and common cases and their legal principles

What do teachers say about this resource? (5604)

A marvellous resource, packed with detail and not a stone unturned. Clearly lad out and the use of bullet-points should help learners to recall facts quickly either in the classroom or in an exam. - L Bialek, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

I thought that this was work of a very high standard which displayed a high degree of clarity and was most accessible to students of this area. I particularly liked the clear, "waffle" free way in which the topic was presented. - C Lawrence, Teacher and Indepemdent Reviewer

I think that this is a very well-planned and useful resource which is appropriately tailored to the ASA AS Law Unit 1 specification and which students will find both enjoyable and useful. The activity pack ably matches the AQA AS Law Unit 1 specification on magistrates and juries and has clearly been complied by a teacher with expertise in this area. - P Emerton, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

I liked this resource. A reasonable summary of the law at the start and some useful activities Encourages students to think and engages them (anagrams, crosswords etc.). Bulleted key points enables students to review material quickly, so useful as a revision tool rather than full text. – J Conway, Head of Department and Independent Reviewer

Clearly a lot of work has gone into making sure all the facts are present so that the content is informative and engaging for students of all levels. By encouraging students to mark their own and others’ work, they know what to look out for in answers and is excellent practice for exams. It also helps less able students by showing them the stronger essays. - M Sims, Law Tutor and Independent Reviewer.