Philosophy Dialogues for OCR B Religious Studies

Lively dialogues dramatise GCSE Philosophy!

Exciting teaching method specifically for GCSE. Students read and/or listen to the articles/dialogues, then complete tasks and exam-style questions – thoroughly preparing them for the exam.

  • Comprehension tasks ensure students get to grips with the issue or debate – answers included
  • Exam-style questions allow them to practise applying the issue
  • Includes mark schemes and key advice on each question type
  • Reinforce key issues & debates for the less able
  • ‘Taking it Further’ activities provide extension work for the more able
  • Ideal for auditory learners!
  • Give to students for iPod revision
  • Great for cover lessons & self-contained homework

Provided as audio CD, MP3 and scripts, plus worksheets with answers.

Listen to a dialogue for Philosophy 2 right now for free!

You can also view an inspection copy of the printed dialogues.

OCR examiners are looking for answers to part (e) questions that reflect the sort of lively debate one would get in a good class. This resource is ideally placed to help generate such debate… Liam the atheist is the star of the show! He states many of the typical comments and misunderstandings people have of Christianity – and all laced with humour. – P Dixon, Teacher, Examiner, Independent Reviewer